Pokemon sun and moon: Find all Pokémon and catch

Do you want to fill your Pokédex and find all Pokémon and catch Pokémon in the sun and the moon? Then you read through our tips for successful fishing on this page. We show you what should you know when you can catch and where to find her special Pokémon.

Among all the little monsters in Pokémon sun and moon there are legendary Pokémon, which are particularly difficult to catch. The same applies to the Shiny Pokémon. This does not mean that all other Pokémon dime a dozen are available. Some of them are hard to find and you have to meet certain requirements in order for you can carry into the Poké Balls.

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Pokémon sun and moon: Find all Pokémon and catch

So you can catch a Pokémon, you have to throw a Poké Ball and a little beforehand weaken it. Rummage through long grass and you can wild Pokémon ferret. Attacked them a little, because it is easier to start with low HP. Shipyard now a Poké Ball and you have a good chance the to catch Pokémon. Some of the little monsters are, however, only by small and frail to get. The Poké Balls get her verteillt all over the Alola Islands in different weights and properties.

Pokemon sun and moon catch pokemonThis Pokéball you should be very successful at catching Pokémon have.

Infinity got many Premier Balls free!

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get Fossil Pokémon

In KoniKoni City should you visit the stone shop while you will sent there in the story. You meet a man who &# 8220; one per person&# 8221; calls and have the choice between a Skull Fossil and a Fossil shield. Choose from carefully as you can initially choose only one fossil. Once you have enough money you can then buy you the second. On route 8 can you visit the Pokémon Center and it pass in the forest. After a while, you meet someone who can stir you up fossils. The following Pokémon you can receive from fossils.

Feather FossilFlapteryxPokémon moon
armored FossilShieldonPokémon sun
Fossil shieldGalapaflosPokémon moon
Skull FossilCranidosPokémon sun
Pokemon catch sun and moonGalapaflos is one of the possible fossil Pokémon.

get Ash-Quajutsu

The ninja Pokémon Ash-Quajutsu is a very special and very rare monster. It has both the Water and the darkness types and so you can take it in your Pokédex, you have to fulfill some conditions in the demo. Ash-Quajutsu comes from the series of Pokémon and is characterized by friendship with Ash a kind of Mega Evolution. To unlock this powerful companion, you must fulfill the main task of the demo. goes to Professor Kikui (In the demo) in the Pokémon Center and he will ask you if you want to transfer any items that you have collected together with Quajutsu. Then you have to Change full version seek, and a Pokemon Center. Speak a man there, and you get your Ash-Quajutsu.

pokemon sun and moon get quajutsuAsh-Quajutsu you can receive when you play the demo of Pokémon sun and moon.

catch Reißlaus and develop Tectass

Reißlaus is a very shy Pokémon. If you want to catch it, you have to drive it in advance only with skill in combat. On route 8 in the wilds of Poni or the coast of Poni can you find zippers run. However, it flits quickly it if you try to achieve it. Therefore, you should try if you can drive the small Beetle Pokémon into a corner. Have you done that, the battle and you should start avoid any harm! Once zip drive is damaged, it will flee. With a capture rate of 90 it really is not easy to catch. Uses best one Flott ball or diving ball. Also, you should try to paralyze Reißlaus or produce similar effects. On level 30 to Reißlaus then becomes Tectass develop. This is probably the best way if you want to get this powerful Pokémon.

Reißlaus collected in pokémon sun and moon

catch Wuffels

The popular rock Pokémon Wuffels found on the Mele Mele Island. You must defeat the Arena ladder Hala, that you want to catch Wuffels. After defeating their access get to an area with a Poké-lab and a Tauros as a reward, with which you can destroy their stones. Before that you have to smash some rocks and into a cave. Searches the cave by tall grass, where her Wuffels place.

pokemon sun and moon get wuffelsalready for Wuffels you have to accept a bit of effort.

get Munchlax

This Pokémon is during Start (launch time) Pokémon sun and moon a free gift. You must have bought the game before January 11, 2017 to benefit from this bonus. After you your starter Pokémon have chosen, you have the save game and restart. now selects the menu not your game's platform but chooses secret affairs and goes on receiving gift and you can download you the Munchlax free.

pokemon sun and moonUntil 11 January 2017 you can ensure you Munchlax free.

The small Pokémon bears the Item Relaxonium Z with them, with which it the Z-attack The joke you can learn when you Munchlax have developed into Relaxo.

Magearna captured in Pokémon sun and moon

The fairy and Steel Pokémon Magearna in Pokémon sun and moon can you get only about a particular event. Since 05 December 2016, the global event has started, with which you can get 50 Pokémon the level. For that you have to your QR Scanner activate and scan the code listed in the menu. Then you can get in the bookseller Magearna All sorts in the shopping center of Hauholi City.

Special catch Pokémon and get

Not all Pokémon can be found everywhere in the grasses. For some, you have to go a little further or advance to meet certain conditions which may even mean the end of the Alola League.

CosmogAltar of the Sun
Lake of the Moon
Will Alola champion.
Complete the main story.
Step into the Protal at the altar of the sun.
Go to the top of the platform on the lake of the moon.
evoliPokémon Ranch
near villages
We searched high grasses.
PikachuMele Mele Insel
Route 1, Hau&8217; oli City
Begin on Route 1 a Pichu and developed it further.
Before you go on the Mele Mele Insel for the festival, you see tall grass at the stairs.
There you have the chance to catch Pikachu.
Castform?Colleagues, WeatherShadow jungle Malihe ornamental garden, Exeggutor-Eiland, Route 17, Mount Lanakila, Haina Desert
Curelei5.00%shadow jungle
Dratini1.00%fishingCanyon of Poni Poni flowers sea, arduous path
Kommandutan5.00%Only in Moonshadow jungle
Kangama1.00%Wela Volcano Park: 33% chance of a fellow Cubone
Bagon1.00%route 3
Knirfish1% to 20%fishingRoute 15: From the airport point you go south-east to the coast and there you seek southwest to the bubbling point.
Moruda1 to 10%the Sea People Village
Lampi1.00%fishingRoute 8, Akala coastline
Schmerbe1% to 50%fishing
Shellder1% to 20%fishingKala&# 8217; s Bay: After leaving the sea cave, Ohana, Canyon of Poni Poni flowers sea, arduous path
Butterfree1.00%Mele Mele-Blumenmeer
Tauros5.00%Ohana Farm
Pichu5.00%Route 1, Hauholi-City
quarterback Mark5.00%Only in sunshadow jungle
Velursi5.00%Route 8, Akala coastline
Miniras5.00%Canyon of Poni
Feebas1% to 5%fishingPlätscherhügel: rises in the south on your Lapras and throw your rod at the bubbling point. With failure you leave the area and returns.
Gabite?Colleagues, SandstormHaina Desert
Gelatini?Fellow, SnowVillage of Kapu
Politoed?Fellow, rainMalihe ornamental garden
Viscargot?Fellow, rainExeggutor-Eiland
Viscora?Fellow, rainshadow jungle
Zobiris?Supporters of RocaraTenkarat Hill, Canyon of Poni

Type: Zero get

So that you the mysterious Pokémon Type: Zero get can, you have to stop Samantha. This is part of the main Skillful why you so one type in each case: should get zero because Gladio it will present you as a gift for your success.

Pokemon sun and moonYou gain Type: zero as a gift of Gladio.

You can type: Zero later Amigento develop as soon as their one Affection from 220 points have achieved. Type: Zero still has the special ability battle tank, whereby it has to suffer direct hit by his opponent never.

get Porygon

Also Porygon can you not catch himself, but it gets paid. Go into the village of Kapu on the Ula-Ula Island after you became the champion. Run to the southwest and examines the Ether-house on the route 45 on.

Pokemon sun and moon PorygonPorygon gets her on the Ula-Ula Island.

In the ether-house you have to enter the right of the reception desk the room. There is a person in the corner, which should appeal to her and her gets Porygon as a gift.

find and catch Minigma

Minigma is a Pokemon which how Pikachu dressed, in order to grab your attention. You can Minigma not get as a gift, but you have to fall for his disguise and catch it as normal. During the Examination of Ula-Ula Island comes into her abandoned store. After you have completed the test, you can go hunting in it by her route 14 take. Chances are very good to be able to catch a Minigma here. Best used Sleep or paralysis, to make it easier to get it into the Poké Ball.

By the way this is a very good place catch Gengar to. From time to Haunter appears and calls Gengar to help. just grab all three Pokémon!


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