Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft is the latest version of media playback tools prior to Windows 7, you can download or manually now.

The final version of the Windows Media Player, available as a separate download, the output is 11. The player is therefore the best choice for Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and Vista. Windows 7 and Windows 8 on the other hand contain innately Windows Media Player 12, which, however, only works here.

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12672Windows Media Player - What can the Microsoft standard program?

Windows Media Player 11: The best choice for Windows Vista and XP

For users of older versions of Windows, such as XP or Vista, the changes to the Windows Media Player 11 is worthwhile in any case, were but compared to its predecessors in addition to an attractive facelift in Vista theme a lot of innovative functions for playback and management digital media content added.

Do you use an even older version of Windows (that is, for example, Win 98 / Me / 2000), we recommend the Windows Media Player. 9


The features of the WMP 11

  • Automatic provision of Art and track information
  • Conversion to WMA Pro format at your fingertips
  • Converting CDs to MP3s
  • Easy synchronization with mobile devices
  • Download songs from the integrated music service &# 8220; URGE&# 8221;
  • DVD playback
  • Integrated burning function

In addition, the media library has been redesigned in you can set up filters now under which your songs can be displayed. Do you want to get displayed only albums, a particular artist or genre? No problem. Do you want to search for a particular song, or several songs with the same description in the title? Even that is now possible. Maybe it makes you even bother forgiving for your favorite songs star reviews of 1 to 5, to filter them later.

Even playlists can now be created.

  • Creating playlists
  • Integrated burning function
  • No


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