Split 2: What is the end for the continuation

Split 2 + 2 = Unbreakable "Glass". Huh? Yes, sort of the sequel to "split" in 2017 by M. Night Shyamalan will look like. What exactly does this formula and what the film "Unbreakable - Unbreakable" has from the year 2010 to do with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson with it, you learn in this article.

Split is not only a protagonist, but like 23 different. So many different personalities live namely in the main character Kevin Crumb. One of these characters has kidnapped three teenagers and keeps them trapped in a dungeon. The personalities in Kevin constantly fighting against each other until the beast 'wins this battle.

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Declaration of the end of Split

The film ends with a short final scene, Pursuing a report on Kevin's crimes in television in the diners. A woman remember the crimes to which man has committed in a wheelchair 15 years ago. Another visitor - named David Dunn &# 8211; remembers the name of this man: His name was Mr. Glass.

Fans of the films of M. Night Shyamalan know that this is a reference to the movie Unbreakable. It met Bruce Willis, who plays David Dunn, Elijah Price - also known as Mr. Gross. This character portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson has since its birth, the brittle bone disease. Inspired by comics he believes it as there are people also who are physically underperformed, are also people who are above average physically developed. David is said to one of them - that's why he survived as a single a train wreck.

To refresh his memory something that we can again look Unbreakable easy. The Blu-ray is available here at a good price:

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The end of Split leads this movie Unbreakable together and so points to the future of both films.

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Glass as a continuation of Split and Unbreakable

Via Twitter announced the director M. that the script for a sequel to Unbreakable as well as Split is finished.

Both films are in fact continued with Glass.

also a start date This already exists:

At the January 18, 2019 the film in the US will be released.

Just as James McAvoy Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson will play.

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Also there is a first draft of the plot - via Collider:

Dunn sets out to search for the beast. This leads among other things to ever-escalating situations. In addition, more and more comes to light that Price has control over a large number of events and knows many secrets.


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