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Steve Jobs (born February 24, 1955, † 5 October 2011) is considered one of the most popular figures of the modern computer world. He was, together with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne of the founders of the California iPhone, iPod and Mac maker Apple. Due to its dazzling presence, as well as the creative ideas that have commented in the Mac, the iPod, iPhone and iPad, and have thus changed the entire world of technology, Steve Jobs is still regarded as the defining face of the manufacturer Apple, as well as one of the luminaries the entire art world.

Jobs, the son of a Syrian politics student and an American mother, was born in San Francisco on February 24 1955th For financial reasons, his biological parents gave him up for adoption so that it has already been adopted shortly after birth by Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs. Already in early childhood, the first signs of Jobs ingenuity and creativity demonstrated. Growing up near Silicon Valley, in close proximity to many engineers from Intel and HP, found jobs at a young age his interest in electrical IT industry.

Steve Jobs Product ImageApple founder Steve Jobs was one of the most colorful characters in the IT industry

Steve Jobs CV: dropout and Apple Foundation

At 17, Steve Jobs received his high school diploma. A Reed College, Portland, had an unfinished study, however, he did not finish, instead worked several years in the meantime gone into bankruptcy company Atari. While at Atari learned Jobs Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, with whom he in 1976 founded the Apple Computer Company in the garage of Steve Jobs. In the coming years, Apple has developed with the computers Apple I and Apple II devices, found the very well received in the market of home computers. While Apple could not build on the success of previous models III computer, followed by Apple Lisa, the first PC with a mouse, an operating system and a graphical user interface. Due to its high launch price of $ 10,000 and Apple Lisa commercial success was denied. However, Apple Lisa was considered a foundation for a year later appearing Macintosh. Apple Macintosh Steve Jobs and Apple's breakthrough. To date computer manufactured by Apple carry the prefix Mac in its name, for. As the Mac mini or MacBook.

Steve Jobs Projects: NeXT, Apple, Pixar

1986 stamped Steve Jobs with NeXT, another computer company from the ground. He also invested several million dollars in the Pixar Animation Studios. When the company in 1995 with Toy Story was able to land a first hit film, jobs with the IPO of Pixar finally became a billionaire. From the production of Pixar Animation additional highlights such as Cars, Finding Nemo or Wall-E comes. After the buying Pixar by Walt Disney in 2006 Steve Jobs was admitted to the Board of Disney as Pixar CEO. His Pixar shares made Jobs also after the acquisition the largest single shareholder in Walt Disney.

Steve Jobs NeXT in 1995Steve Jobs during his time at NeXT in 1995

After NeXT was bought by Apple, Jobs initially worked as a consultant in the further course as CEO of Apple. Under his leadership, several cost-cutting measures were carried out for the economically fluctuating business. From the technical basis of NeXT products such. As the art of Next Step has developed the Mac OS X. Also, the OS X used today has components from NeXTStep.

Steve Jobs and the iPod, the iPhone and iPad change the world

Apple has made with the introduction of the Macintosh already in the eighties for a transformation of the art world, the next drum beats followed the beginning of the new millennium. The portable music player iPod, and the iTunes media management ensured a significant change in the music business. In particular, dominate the first legal availability of MP3s on a large scale through the iTunes Store, the music industry today. In addition, the portable devices iPhone and iPad from today's society are indispensable.

Steve Jobs iPadThe iPad is one of the innovative inventions Steve Jobs&8217;

Steve Jobs and the cancer: death 56

Back in 2004, Steve Jobs had to undergo tumor surgery. In the following years was continuously Steve Jobs&8217; Health speculated. In particular, his recurring outs and be worrying steady state gave always cause for speculation. The last big project was the planning of Steve Jobs 80-meter yacht &# 8220; Venus&# 8221 ;. Shortly before his death also followed the reconciliation of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and years of direct rivals in the computer market. 5 October 2011 Steven Paul Jobs died after years of struggle his cancer.

While in 1999 with Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley), a film about the history of Apple, and the rivalry was released with Microsoft, the film version of Steve Jobs biography starring Ashton Kutcher still appears in 2013 in the lead role in the movie theaters.

"Being the richest one in the cemetery does not matter to me ... Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful ... that's what matters to me."
One of the most influential Steve Jobs quotes from The Wall Street Journal

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