Black Mart Alpha: Android apps for free – Is that legal?

Apps and games for Android devices, but there is the Google Play Store. Here there is everything you could wish for App-heart, no matter whether the best navigation app, the new version of the hit games Plants vs. Zombies or Minecraft in the Pocket Edition. Many apps are free, paid for some needs for the download. In addition to regular Google Play Store, however, some alternative markets for apps developed. One of them is the Black Mart Alpha.

Black Mart Alpha: Android apps for free - Is that legal?

Black Mart Alpha can not be reached through the Google Play Store, but be manually must be installed by APK. This paid apps can also be downloaded for free and installed actually. Sounds tempting and attractive, but one should note some at Black Mart Alpha.

Black Mart Alpha: install and use

The user interface of the current version of Black Mart Alpha is the Ice Cream Sandwich kept similar. Thus, the seasoned Android users find their way around quickly here. But is the installation and therefore already the first hurdle before using the app black market. To gain access to Black Market, your device must be rooted. A root brings several advantages for experienced Android users. However, those who use their phone only for telephoning, photography and Whatsapp messages, the rooting, however, should think twice. First, the update is not quite as easy on a new version of Android for the root, on the other hand you lose in many cases any warranty claims, particularly when a device error is due to a root. Since you can also manipulate various settings with a rooted device that directly access the system, caution is necessary here to avoid crashes or hardware problems.

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Black Mart Alpha: The note should you

Is your Android device once rooted, you can install the Black Market app as APK. Here you should note that the app gets access to read private information from your smartphone. On the other hand you can install on Black Mart Alpha apps without your device is necessarily linked to a Google Account and thus possibly data on your user behavior are collected.

black mart-alpha-screenshot-1Black Mart Alpha: Download Paid Android apps free? To be too good to be true

While the establishment of Black Mart Alpha including root brings maximum disadvantages warranty with it, you move on thin ice legally if you actually paid apps' downloads from the App black market. If you offer him this way provide free with paid apps, you to infringe § 106 of the Copyright Act (Act on Copyright and Related Rights). By IP address traced your illegal download and be sued her for it.

Black Mart Alpha Download &# 8211; Are there any advantages?

  • Alternative to Google Play Store
  • install apps without Google Account Connection
  • Free insight into the source code of Apps
  • Runs on all Android OS versions

Black Mart Alpha Download &# 8211; The disadvantages:

  • root required
  • Gerootetes device prone to crashes or faulty settings, possible loss of warranty claim
  • is a free download of the offered cash paid apps illegal!
  • Developers spend time, effort and enthusiasm into their apps. Who does not want to pay the price for it reasonable, should think about how pleasant it would be if you yourself working for something and is not paid for it.
  • no control over the apps, viruses freedom is not guaranteed
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Black Mart Alpha: The Conclusion

Black Mart Alpha and other Black Market Apps offer alternative ways to provide themselves with Android apps. Even if the opportunity is tempting free to get the benefit of actually paid Android applications, you should take from this project distance. After all, the developers put effort and expense into their apps to provide you with useful and functional applications on the Google Play store, usually for a small cost of a few euros. Those who handle the payment of apps on the Black Market, doing nothing more than stealing. Just because this is done in digital form and apps usually cost only a few cents, it makes a not harmless virtual theft.

In addition, everyone Apps can offer the alternative store. Since a comprehensive control does not take place, it your device a variety of Android-Virus delivers.

To make it clear once again: Stay away from the Black Mart Alpha! You seek an alternative to the Google Play store, look at the store Samsung Apps.


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