What is Steam (Download and client)? explained easily

What is Steam? Who gambles regularly games on the PC, will be surprised by this question because of course he knows exactly. But there are still plenty of people out there who do not know exactly what is actually steam. If you also count, you should read more &# 8211; We explain it to you.

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If you previously wanted to gamble a game, you first went to the store and bought it there. This is of course also today &# 8211; in our digital world, but more and more people download the games directly to the computer down. For this you need certain vendors that offer downloads and sell &# 8211; and just makes Steam.

What is Steam? explained easily

Steam is a digital distribution platform for game downloads for PC. Steam is operated by the software company Valve and is currently around 12.5 million users accounts the largest online distribution platform for PC games.

  • To use Steam, you've got to first download the free Steam client and install it on the PC.
  • Then you create a Steam account with the games purchased will be linked.
  • Access to the games you have on your personal Steam Library

So can change their Steam Skins

  • is paid on Steam with a credit card or online services like Paypal - but you can you buy Steam balances and pay games with it.
  • Steam is not only the games available for download, but also updates this automatically as soon as patches are available. In addition, Steam provides a built-in copy protection robbery by Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • On Steam about 6000 games are currently available &# 8211; almost all new games for PC will be released today directly at launch for download on Steam.
  • Unfortunately for sale at Steam games is not possible &# 8211; now they can be but back when the season is not more than 2 hours.
Steam user numbersSteam is the biggest download platform for games on the PC.

Although Steam is the biggest download platform for PC games &# 8211; in addition, there are now but some other providers that compete for the favor of the players. The best known are probably here Uplay (Ubisoft), EA Origin (Electronic Arts) and the Rockstar Games Club (Rockstar Games): This client matches the respective publishers are sold &# 8211; but in most cases the titles to land at some point on Steam. For the players, this is usually quite annoying as you have to install two clients in this case when, for example, Ubisoft wants to have a game on Steam.

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What is Steam yet? That the download client can also

Steam started in 2003 as a download-only platform for PC games, Steam now offers still numerous other features.

  • With the Steam trading cards you can offer your profile on Steam upgrade and as snag coupons for the regular Steam sales.
  • Also, you can sell the cards for real money on the Steam Community market.
  • Here you help the Steam booster packs that contain some rare cards.
  • Another virtual currency, the so-called Steam Gems with which you increase your Steam level.
  • With Steam Music you can also download new game soundtracks.
  • Steam in-home streaming allows streaming of games across multiple devices.

Last also led the Valve Steam Controller and the Steam Machines a &# 8211; Ready PCs on which Steam is already installed and aimed directly at gamers. one can certainly expect even more surprises for the future.

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