see Webisodes in stream online: The Walking Dead

The US series The Walking Dead has not lost even after his fifth season of his power and uniqueness. The last episodes of the last season are among the most watched TV series episodes of all time. To delve deeper into the background stories, there are in addition to the television episodes, some The Walking Dead webisodes.

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This is a standalone series that was shown exclusively on the web. The individual episodes of The Walking Dead webisodes can you watch online in the stream for free.

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View Webisodes online (German and English): The Walking Dead

The web episodes were produced in order to shorten the waiting time between two seasons of The Walking Dead. Currently there are three seasons of short sequences that illuminate the backstory of the main series in more detail:

  • Torn Apart tells the story of Hannah and her family for the early phase of the disaster.
  • Cold Storage is an unknown group of survivors in a deposit.
  • The Oath tells the story of two survivors who now seek help after a large Waöker attack.

The webisodes were made directly by AMC, it is not to fan fiction or the like. In the first webisode series The Walking Dead you learn about what happened to the young lady without legs and entrails hanging out, the trick is in the countryside shortly after his escape from the hospital.

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see Webisodes in stream online: The Walking Dead

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see Webisodes in stream online: The Walking Dead

The individual parts of Webisodes are three to five minutes, each season consists of about six episodes. After RTL has 2 recently shown all episodes of The Walking Dead on free TV in the autumn of 2014, are at the website of the radio station, all episodes of The Walking Dead webisodes online in stream free for retrieval. The individual videos are held in English and underlaid with German subtitles. Disturb you the subtitle overlays, you can watch the The Walking Dead Webisodes-original view on the website of AMC. This, however, you need a US IP that you z. As you can get over a VPN access with Unblock US.

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Fans of the series should not miss those extra episodes escape, after all they are in the same style as the main train kept and looked through quickly with a total length of approx 30 minutes. We show you also where you can see all episodes of The Walking Dead in the stream. In addition, you learn with us when it goes on with Walking Dead Season sixth

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