The GIMP Download brings you an open source program for image editing on the computer that has a professional range of functions despite free availability.

Of the GIMP download is now one of the most popular image editing programs on the software market and in the category Graphics / Desktop. Relatively easy to use, feature-rich and available free of charge to &# 8211; no question that many users rely on the tool with the fox icon, and more often make a detour around expensive competing products such as Adobe Photoshop and prefer to use the GIMP download.

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>> GIMP - Brief introduction to the functions of the open source image editing:
16801GIMP - Brief Introduction

GIMP Download: History of the free image editor

GIMP appeared, then still in trial in 1995 and was part of a study work of two students. As a beta version for Linux came the GNU Image Manipulation Program &# 8211; so the full name &# 8211; Finally, in early 1996 out. Due to the enormous scope of services, which GIMP already had in the early days, the image processing software for Linux users could spread relatively quickly. Since then, new versions of the GIMP downloads appear at irregular intervals; the second generation of GIMP (GIMP 2) already had a redesigned graphical interface, especially the GIMP 2.6 version offered with GEGL an independent image processing library, which again significantly expanded the range of tasks GIMP.

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The extensive capabilities of the GIMP

Today, the free software is especially convincing thanks to an abundance of selection tools that help in the context of image processing marked both rectangular and elliptical and circular areas, and can be cut. Brushes or transformation elements also allow the selective modification of the pictures, for example, when it concerns the quality or size of the images, the addition and modification of various colors or moving, cropping and scaling of individual surfaces. The user can change the image size arbitrary, user-defined or create designed frame, draw circles and work with a variety of brushes, magnifying glasses or sponges. The special features of GIMP is one of the remarkable collection of filters that can be created almost artistic quality motifs: For example, various softening elements can be inserted, relief and mosaic effects involved and be pulled out of the corresponding image even an oil painting or cartoon. but in addition are also standard features such as contrast, brightness, zoom or the integration of text elements part of the repertoire. If that's not enough, has access to a large collection of plug-ins that can expand the choice of tools many times.

Complex image processing operations are implemented primarily by means of the plane function; Here users can work on the individual surfaces with effects and filters and make levels both in transparent form or using various cover versions visible (see also display GIMP levels).

Another advantage: Numerous import filters allow the user to graphics from other applications to work with GIMP.

So you can also easily open it with GIMP Paint Shop format PSP; after the GIMP download and during installation you can select any desired image formats.

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GIMP is best suited for graphics professionals

The GIMP download is especially suited for graphics professionals who can not rely on an expensive program like Photoshop or want. Beginners can to familiarize themselves with GIMP in professional image editing without having to spend the same amount of money. Those looking for an easy to use tool is well advised, for example, with PhotoFiltre. However, this course has not the extensive capabilities of the GIMP.

Download the GIMP is also available for 64-bit Windows machines, as well as stand-alone portable version and the version for Mac users. equipped with an extensive GIMP manual, every beginner should be easy to operate GIMP in no time. The tutorial is extensive Auskunst about how free, where necessary, objects, adding new fonts, colors replaced, changes the language and much more.

New in GIMP 2.8.22:

With version 2.8.22 some bugfixes have been implemented. Already with version 2.8 include the following new features have been implemented (for a complete list see the official release notes from the manufacturer):

  • New single-window mode (Age multi-window mode alternative)
  • Save only in GIMP XCF format (other formats as export)
  • Layers can be organized into groups
  • Cage Transform &# 8211; deform selected image areas
  • New plugins for example, PDF export
  • Adaptation to graphics tablets
  • Is professionally
  • Wide range of filters, tools and plug-ins
  • Extensive support levels
  • Wide support of formats
  • Gewöhnungsbedüftige menu structure


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