hr-tv live stream: So it goes free and legal

hr TV in live stream for browsers and smartphones? We show you how to do it for free and legally.

hr-tv live stream: So it goes free and legal


The transmitter hr-TV is the regional broadcast of the hessian broadcast for the state of Hesse. It was founded in 1964 and changed several times since the name and logo.

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First, the Frankfurt Radio television was called Three Hesse, in 1997, it was in Hesse-TV renamed in 2004 the currently valid name hr-TV to obtain.

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hr-tv live stream

There are several ways to track the hr-TV in live stream. First of all, there is an official live stream of the Frankfurt Radio television channels.

If you want to stream on your phone or tablet, however, most still further and not only hr, then provides the TV streaming provider Magine on. It offers all the public broadcasters free (ARD and ZDF also in HD), and private stations and various Pay TV channels can be tested for 30 days.

here goes&# 039; s for free hr tv live stream on Magine*

More information about Magine:

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Another way to track hr tv live stream, Zattoo offers, which works much like Magine and also apps for iOS and Android offers: Zattoo download.

Magine concept

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hr-TV: missed shipment? Is there a library?

If you missed a program on hr-TV, then you can try to find them in the library hr. Unfortunately, the library is not too well filled, so you look frequently into the tube. Formats such as the Hesse-looking but there are always visible.

hr-TV in HD

hr-hdSince late last year (December 5), the Frankfurt Radio television also broadcast in HD. However, the current program host just upscaled. True 720p does not yet exist, but that should change in the coming months, when converted to native HD resolution.

So Magine looks on an Android Smartphone

Gallery Magine TV - Free Live Stream

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  • (Figure 10.12):screenshot_2014-06-06-08-36-00
  • (Figure 11.12):screenshot_2014-06-06-08-36-06
  • (Figure 12.12):screenshot_2014-06-06-08-35-21


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