Nintendo eShop: So you linked your PayPal account

The Nintendo eShop offers you many ways to purchase additional content or complete games digitally. This is now possible with PayPal and you can quite sure pay online and get started right away. We tell you how the new payment option works.

So far, you already were many ways of payment in the Nintendo eShop available, but many players have missed Pay Pal. But now you can combine your account and so much easier and safer to pay the Nintendo switch. Nintendo continues to promise, that you present your purchases can transact directly through their website.

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associate with Nintendo eShop PayPal account

The basic premise is quite logical: you must first create a PayPal account on the official website. After that you lead your way to Nintendo and their eShop. There you will find good explanations for the settlement of purchases and find all the offers for games or bonus content of Nintendo products.

Nintendo eShop PayPalNow you can pay with PayPal!

So you can link your PayPal- and Nintendo account to each other, you have to make only a few simple steps. After that you can easily pay with the Nintendo switch. PayPal has this even set up its own special page. We list them here to you briefly:

  • Go to the option &# 8220; add funds&# 8221; for Nintendo eShop account.
  • There you navigate you to the screen of account information.
  • Now Nintendo Selects Switch PayPal.
  • There are instructions now appear to complete the linking of accounts.

Once all steps are completed, you can you buy Nintendo eShop Cards now, with you expected rates of 15.25 and 50 euros. You can even give away the acquired code if you do not want to use for yourselves.


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