10 Windows: disable updates & pause expose – Here’s how

Windows 10 by default automatically install updates without this can be prevented. However, you can them with certain tricks to stop still and pause for a maximum of 35 days since the Creators update. We show how you disable Windows 10 automatic updates and can also reset upgrades.

So you disabled the updates for up to 35 days:

Start Photogallery(3 pictures)suspend Windows 10 updates for 35 days

Table of Contents

  • Automatic Updates disable via clocked connection
  • pause updates & expose
  • Turn off Automatic Updates on services
  • only disable certain Windows 10 updates
  • Upgrades Reset in the Home and Pro version
  • Reset updates and upgrades and slide

As part of Microsoft's new Windows business model as a Service, the Group has also introduced forced updates in addition to user-unfriendly privacy settings. The updates are installed so whether you want to or not. We show how you can turn it off and take a break from the Creators update at least for 35 days.

Tip: If you want to prevent Windows 10 permanently installed itself, looks here: Windows 10 installs itself: prevent, cancel and delete logo from taskbar update.

Windows 10: Disable automatic updates via clocked connection

Here you activate the clocked wireless connection in Windows 10 for limited data plan.Here you activate the clocked wireless connection in Windows 10 for limited data plan.

To disable Windows 10 updates, you can specify in your Wi-Fi settings that you use a clocked connection - even if this is actually not the case. This thinking Windows that you have a data plan, incurred in the fees, and invites any updates about your wireless connection more down.

However, this only works if you're only via WLAN. We and where it activates the clocked connection, learn it here: 10 Windows: Enable Clocked connection.

update: Recently loads Windows 10 also &# 8220; updates with priority&# 8221; via the clocked connection down. It is very likely involve critical security updates. Microsoft noted that in the related FAQ under the heading &# 8220; How does my network connection setting to metered affect my PC?&# 8221 ;.

Windows 10: Pause updates & expose

From the Windows 10 update Creators her upcoming updates in Windows can also pause 10 for 7 days. In Windows build 14997 which went up to a span of 35 days. 7 days as the time seems too short.

So you can pause the updates:

  1. Opens the settings with the keys Windows + i.
  2. Select Update and Security, Windows Update.
  3. Right click on the logo Advanced Options.
  4. Sets the switch when updating expose to On.
  5. This update will be postponed for 35 days and not installed. But this is true, for example, not for virus signature updates for Windows Defender.
This is where you updates from for 35 daysThis is where you updates from for 35 days

Note: If you disable the exposure of the updates again, Windows 10 updates to the latest version. Only then you can re-suspend updates again.

Windows 10: Disable automatic updates by service

Danger: This variant is to be treated with caution because Windows is no longer supplied 10 after the deactivation of the update service with updates, which guarantee about the security and stability of the system. Use at your own risk.

Windows 10: Here you disable the update service.Windows 10: Here you disable the update service.

The Windows update feature is an ordinary service that runs in the background of the operating system. If you disable it, it also disables the search and installation of Windows updates. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Presses the key combination Windows + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Typing services.msc and confirmed with the Enter key. The Services window opens.
  3. Examined in the list the service Windows Update and double click it.
  4. In the new window you choose the entry Disabled next to the words startup type in Drowdown menu. Confirmed with OK.
Tip: To turn off automatic app updates in the Windows Store, you read the article 10 Store Windows: disable app updates - manual.

only disable certain Windows 10 updates

In the above versions Windows 10 installed no more updates. However, it is likely that you do not want to install certain updates as they about cause problems. To prevent the installation of specific updates in Windows 10, it uses an associated Microsoft tool. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Downloaded the Microsoft Troubleshooter package called Show or hide updates. It consists of the file: wushowhide.diagcab.
  2. Stores wushowhide.diagcab the file and executes them by double-clicking. Click Next.

    Show or Hide updates: hidden The Troubleshooter package and blocked it in Windows 10 updates.Show or Hide updates: hidden The Troubleshooter package and blocked it in Windows 10 updates.

  3. Clicks the button Hide updates, translated: Hide updates.
  4. Selects updates or drivers that cause problems by their places a check mark in front of it. Click Next.

    Windows 10: Select the faulty Windows updates or driver.Windows 10: Select the faulty Windows updates or driver.

  5. The tool ends with the title problem of action completed and shows the hidden updates and drivers at once. Finished with one click Close.

The selected updates and drivers are now hidden and will not be installed automatically by Windows 10th To make hidden updates visible again, opens her file again wushowhide.diagcab and selects the second entry: Show hidden updates. There you will then select the updates that 10 to automatically install Windows again.

By the way: You can also completely disable Windows 10th

Windows 10: Upgrades Reset in the Home and Pro version

Windows 10 updates Home ResetIn Windows 10 Home you can update Reset.

Windows 10 differs between updates and upgrades. Upgrades can you Reset Windows-board resources and push on. Windows 10 downloaded or installed will not upgrade to several months. are exempt, according to Microsoft security updates, however, if you did not disable the update service according to the above instructions.

In Windows 10 Home and Pro upgrades you can reset with available materials. That makes her the appropriate settings:

  1. Opens the settings by their presses the key combination Windows + i.
  2. Click on the Update button and security.
  3. Selects left the menu item Windows Update and right click on the logo Advanced Options.
  4. Examined under installation for updates Select after the box with the lettering upgrades Reset. Places a check mark in the box to activate the reset.

Windows 10 Pro: Reset updates and upgrades and slide

Windows 10 Pro has the Editor Local Group Policy on board, with the can configure a finer their updates and upgrades. If you have Windows 10 home, you can consider you to upgrade to the Pro version. Here are the best shop recommendations:

More offers on BestCheck.de

Microsoft is different in the editor both forms also very clear:

  1. Presses the key combination Windows + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. be typed gpedit.msc to open the editor for local group policies.
  3. Navigates now left in the folder: Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Windows Update.
Windows 10 Pro: So configured it your automatic updates.Windows 10 Pro: Here you configure your automatic updates.

In the right pane you now have the following update and upgrade policies available:

  • Configure Automatic Updates: Specifies whether the PC security updates and other important downloads obtained via the Windows Automatic Updates service.
  • Install automatic updates immediately: Specifies whether updates are automatically started, interrupted for neither Windows services nor Windows must be restarted. If the policy is set to Disabled, such updates are not installed immediately. Note: This policy has no effect when the policy is disabled Configure Automatic Updates.
  • Reset Upgrade described Enables resetting of upgrades, as above in the settings of Windows 10th

Most appealing is the first directive to configure Automatic Updates. To set it, you make the following:

  1. Click Configure, double-click the entry Automatic Updates.
  2. option selects left Enabled in new window.
  3. Configuring clicks including Automatic Updates below the lettering on the drop-down menu. Here you have a choice of four options that are numbered in each case 2 to 5
  4. If you entry 2 &# 8211; selects notify for download and installation information Windows 10 before you download that updates are available. Under Windows Update, you can these then download and install.
  5. If you post 3 &# 8211; Autom. Download but selects notify for install, Windows 10 loads Updates automatically downloads and informed you then that updates for installation are available. The updates can then be installed on Windows Update.

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