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Planet49 GmbH is a service provider who is mainly known through contests on the Internet calls. Most can be coveted tech gadgets here, for example, attract new tablets, mobile devices or iPhones. That sounds tempting, on the other hand lurking on the Internet, numerous dangers. Many consumers wonder therefore whether Planet49 is reputable.

148004The behind hoaxes, fakes and fraud on the Internet

Anyone surfing the Internet, you should know, take good care, as there are lots of offers here, the unsuspecting consumers want to rip you off. Among other things lurking subscription traps, supposedly free sweepstakes or data collectors who with fake messages as lure of the death of Michael Schumacher readers to their site. Especially popular are deals that suggest to the user that he can gain something if he, for example, its data the e-mail address, indicating. In this context, the name of the planet appears again and again on 49 GmbH.

Planet49 GmbH: What is it? Is this legitimate?

Planet49 GmbH is a provider of lottery, which often appear as pop-up in the browser window. These contests can then be said to win prestigious awards, such as new iPhone or other latest gadgets. In order to participate, but you must specify their personal data in many cases. Whether you actually can win something in the lottery, can only be bad judge of course.

The Internet is also reported that some unwanted subscriptions concludes by participating in contests of Planet49. Even consumer advocates warn of the methods of the company. To prevent any subscriptions, you should therefore always thoroughly read the fine print in any case, also it is recommended to set up a third-party barrier to prevent any payments that you wanted not to make.

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terminate Planet49 &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

  • If you have completed accidentally a subscription to Planet 49, you should take action immediately and cancel the subscription to avoid withdrawals and payments.
  • Here we show you how to do it: cancel subscription trap: So is&# 8217; s done (with template and sample letter).
  • Note that you have to insert a written objection, in any case &# 8211; any warnings and threats of the respective provider can then ignore her.

What happens to the data that you angebt in the competition, is unclear &# 8211; in other cases, personal data of specific companies are collected on the network, to then resell and create records on consumers. In any case, you should think carefully about what data you enter in a form on the internet ever.

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