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If you ask in forums or comment sections of websites for help, primarily to computer issues, you are likely to refer to the download of a "Brain.exe". the appropriate persons not deliver with a link. Especially when it comes to viruses and Trojans, reference is made to "Brain.exe".

The ".exe" is the typical file extension for executable files on Windows. Is this "Brain.exe" really as good as everyone says?

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What is "Brain.exe" and you can download it?

Problem with comments and generally at the online communication is the lack of facial expressions and gestures the interlocutor. one is on the Brain.exe download pointed, one can assume that at least a smile can be seen on the face of the commenter.

  • Of course, it concerns with Brain.exe not a proper application for Windows.
  • Rather, the request to use Brain.exe applies, as an indication, to use his own brain. Brain.exe is considered description of the brain, finally comes the word from English and in translation means nothing more than &Brain; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  • Many computer problems, especially an infestation of viruses and Trojans, can be avoided if you stop before one click and uses the mind during his visits in the net.

Brain.exe: protection against viruses, Trojans and other virtual threats

So you get the hint that Brain.exe is the solution for a computer problem, you have to download a new program, but just think.

"Brain.exe has stopped working": what to do?

To protect the system from viruses and Trojans or avoid the interception of login information by strangers, it is important to keep a few guidelines in the visits on the network in mind.

  • You do not always get what is promised a behind buttons or text on Web pages.
  • If one looks around to Film Streams, you get advertisements that pretend to be an important codec or player program would be missing. Behind the offered download then, however, Trojans, adware, can hide.
  • Some of these programs juggle numerous problems on the PC with flashing banners and alerts. To correct this error, you will be prompted to download a paid software. This is only to so-called scareware. The problems are never as serious as a rule, as shown, or can be quickly and Easily Fix also free and without additional program.
  • Quite often you get even with supposedly reputable Downloads more than you expected. In some installations, a close look at the "Advanced installation settings" you have to throw. Here are often found beside the desired tool add-ons or extensions that z. B. change the browser home page.
  • Also in the mail mailbox dangers can hide. So fraudsters on behalf of well-known provider mails with alleged payment requests, invoices or other calls for action. Log you look through this e-mail, you do not get to the portal of the provider, but to a page that the Original is deceptively recreated real. If you register on this fake page, the data of the reach of cyber fraudsters who as such. B. can empty evacuate the PayPal account. Elsewhere, we show you how you can protect yourself against phishing.
  • Fraudsters also use time and again security flaws in widespread software. In particular, the Flash Player was consistently the target of hackers, who could infiltrate through gaps in the software malware on the system in the past. Generally you should keep all the programs on the computer via update to date. The developers keep trying to fix known security problems in progams with new versions.
  • Behind alleged hacks, cheats and crack find man again not the desired applications but expensive subscription traps. Here again we have an appropriate guide to protect against such cost traps.
brain EXE shutterstock_294471983In most cases, the &Brain.exe; # 8220&# 8221; supplied from the factory.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that one stumbles even with a proper use of the "Brain.exe" in virtual traps in this day and age. Basically you should only go in the net when the PC is protected by a firewall and antivirus software. Lest this also what you should know about security apps on the phone. An amusing essay on the phenomenon of "Brain.exe" can be found here.

Also read what under the &# 8220; PEBKAC&# 8221; is to be understood.

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