Volcano Runtime Libraries: What’s this?

Who is the overview of the installed on the PC or laptop programs by looking in Control Panel, you quickly realize that there will find many entries that have been unaware installed. One of those items that could happen unknown 10 one on Windows, called "Volcano Runtime Libraries".

What is behind this program? Is it possibly a virus? And you can delete the "volcano Runtime Libraries"? In some cases it may be that the application under the name "VulkanRT", "Volcano API" or "Volcano Info" is kept.

33642AMD volcano API

Volcano Runtime libraries in the "installed programs": Is this dangerous?

To calm is to say: In "Volcano Runtime Libraries" is to no virus. Rather, this is the name for a new interface that makes use of the your Grafikkrte. "Volcano Runtime Libraries" works much like DirectX or OpenGL. The application is in general at all owners of a GeForce graphics card. The program is automatically installed as part of a driver update or "NVIDIA GeForce Experience" mid-year. When you reinstall edge games, it may also be that the "volcano runtime libraries" have been installed in the background.

Volcano Runtime Libraries: What's this?Volcano to increase performance in graphics-intensive gamesStart Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

Volcano Runtime Libraries must not delete it

Although it is no virus or malware, you should not delete "volcano Runtime Libraries", as it can otherwise cause display problems and malfunctions of the graphics card. "Volcano" is a new programming interface for developing cross-platform applications and to do his service, especially in graphics-intensive tasks. Further technical details about VulkanRT can be found elsewhere with us. We also have trivia and lots of background information on volcanic API for you.

If you want to start a game, and the application is missing, you can retrofit this by downloading the latest video card drivers. Even with a clean installation of the corresponding game the "volcano Runtime Libraries" in general should be retrieved.

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