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Mass Effect: Andromeda can you play with friends and together save the galaxy from new threats in multiplayer and coop. As in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer part is subject to certain rules that have changed something in the newest part. We tell you everything to know about multiplayer and as you can play together.

The novel to the game you get here!*

In Mass Effect: Andromeda are single player and Multiplayer the role play closely linked. thereby act as a link called Strike team, what can you during the story campaign to send missions in which you can participate themselves or not. Here then comes the cooperative Aspect to their playing. Like the multiplayer mode works just shows you the following video.

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Koop and multiplayer explained

Although was the Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 quite fun, but then some players encountered angry that you had to participate in the multiplayer part to make the best end to achieve in single player. Multiplayer muffle will be pleased therefore that this system so in Mass Effect: Andromeda will no longer apply.

However, your can Activities in multiplayer affect the single-player have when you want it for. If her Multiplayer from the Main Menu selecting, you can so via the so-called Strike team Multiplayer missions in the single player campaign play.

mass-effect-Andromeda strike teamsThe individual members of the Strike Team can you customize.

Facts about the multiplayer part and the Strike Team

In practice, does the Multiplayer Mass Effect: Andromeda as follows:

  • Imagine the Strike team are as Miltäreinheiten before that come somewhere in the Milky Way in their hibernation chambers and ready for missions.
  • While having her protagonist (in) Ryder and Pathfinder missions done, you can these grant Strike teams also orders and let them work for you.
  • It is up to you whether you the KI About let work or taking an active role in the Strike Team, alongside other players the control of a figure on take. So you can then in Koop complete missions with other players.
  • Alternatively, you can even play but even with AI colleagues or completely not care about the multiplayer and leave everything to the AI. Here, the Chance of success then determined on the values ​​and equipment of the Strike Team. You can the individual members so customize and even work out, To make it stronger.
  • The strike teams exist while parallel to the normal gameplay in single player and the Duration of its missions runs in real time.
  • There is also the particularly difficult &# 8220; Apex missions&# 8221;, requiring a very high level of your Strike Team, and where ye must in multiplayer deny well with your fellow players.

Mass Effect - Andromeda: Official system requirements

As you can see, the Multiplayer fluently integrated into the single player with. You can always save on a button your progress in the story and Co-op jump. There you can also optionally it try alone, you with the Matchmaking system with friends unite or a public match with other players start.

mass-effect-Andromeda apex-emissionsApex missions are particularly difficult, but also attract with better rewards.

The Rewards of multiplayer missions then can you also use in single player for Ryder and his crew. The other way around you can multiplayer simply start from the main menu and play cooperatively, if you is not as important the single player. Once Mass Effect: Andromeda on March 23, 2017 For PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appears, you can find more details at this point, we her start a co-op game in RPG can.

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