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What's Adfly? In this guide we getting closer to the bottom. Read on to learn how the service on the Internet works, who uses him as you walk around it or can benefit from it and where the dangers lie. 

AdFly to be mixed especially an excellent way advertising links with the network people, without which it can immediately recognize that it is just such. The secret of this art is the shortened URL. This is not new, many may already know Bitly, TinyURL, or the service for this purpose from Google at https: //goog.l - a shortened URL does not automatically mean advertising spam or viruses.

so can create on google a short urlFor example, the URL shortening Google looks.

What's AdF.ly and how it works?

AdFly is a URL shortening service or URL shortener. Often web addresses are quite long and bulky, you want to post them on Twitter, the length of the possible 140 characters is quickly exceeded. In these cases, it is very pleasant to know that you can shorten the URL easily, quickly in the browser and then send. In this way, the tweet can be retweeted. In principle, therefore, the use of short URLs is useful and as well AdFly makes no difference, but is one of many services that you can use it. As with other vendors you have to go above and enter it in the blank line the URL that you want to have shortened it only to the site of AdFly. After clicking you get then the short link.

with adfly can generate short URLsURL shortener AdFlyStart Photogallery(8 pictures)Clickbait: Meaning simply explained to six examples

Monetizing AdFly ?!

The special feature of AdFly is that you can earn with the links and money. earn money &# 8211; not get rich! So you can you register and then receive visitors who come across your links on websites money.

  • Paid you get the money from an amount of $ 5 &# 8211; the money is transferred via PayPal.
  • If you sign up, you also get access to statistics that can verify their your links and the reach-out success. The company is reputable, it is not yet known that they would not pay.
  • but before the link leads to the site, the visitor gets an advertisement shown. This link is an example.
  • Currently, you get € 0,001 per click. But only if the visitor has viewed the advertisement until the end or skipping notice.

The best short URL services

Malware alarm by AdFly?

Shortlinks not reveal who is behind it &# 8211; which makes it sometimes very dangerous. Therefore, sites like CheckShortURL offer you the possibility to dissolve the link again and to determine where it really takes you. You can also link into the browser address bar enter attach a + and press Enter &# 8211; then you want to display the full link. Our example link but both versions have not worked.

If you have caught you on a short link via AdFly a Trojan or virus, this is not the responsibility of the respective services &# 8211; even if you, for example, gets on the computer, a pop-up window that contains the logo or other information from AdFly.

a short-url in use here as advertising for a tour operatorTypical application of a short URL. In this case, the most prominent providers Bitly and harmless, because the link actually leads to a tour operator.

AdFly is of course very interested Spamer and cyber criminals stay out of their offers, but can not guarantee technically. If you victim of malware have become by a AdFly link, you can specify your your IP address, because maybe the company is then able to follow the trail and to block the account of those responsible. Your IP address can you also find online.

Basically: If you do not know the sender of the short links, let exercised when clicking caution. Often hidden behind spam and if it really bad also runs a subscription trap. But if you fearless draufklickt, please check then in the browser's address bar if the resolution of the links is really serious.

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