Inside Out 2 – If a Sequel? Director says: Possible

Inside Out &# 8211; Inside Out is a very charming animated film, which has seen a huge success at the box office last year and rightly so. Therefore, it is not surprising that already talking about a sequel were held, it said director Pete Docter. 

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Pixar has great handling sequels of successful films. As long as not a good idea on the table is not hell-bent on is then searched, so you can make another film and build on the success. Therefore, but we also know that if there &# 8211; partially by more than a decade Pause &# 8211; is a sequel as it finally was officially with The Incredibles 2, 3 Cars, Finding Dory or Toy Story 4, you can also fully forward, because in all likelihood it is a new, creative and meaningful story &# 8211; detailed and lovingly implemented.

Inside Out 2: When will the sequel?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence and the above statements make this already suspect. Before there is no really good script idea Pixar / Disney has no problem with it, just to make completely different things. Pete Docter said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: &# 8220; We'll see if anything develops.&# 8221; You may use it only conclude that a sequel to Inside Out is at least not be ruled out. We strive to keep you with appropriate information at this point to date.0video embed code: 1464607978 (3555)

Pete Docter could already einheimsen two Oscars with his animation directorial work so far and some nominations. He also led the directing productions such as Toy Story 1& 2, Monsters, Inc., WALL.E and Top.

Inside Out is also on DVD and Blu-ray *Inside Out 2 - If a Sequel? Director says: Possible appeared with an audio commentary by director and Zoomania early June is the way also be available in the home theater already.

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