Windows programs on Mac Virtual Machine, Boot Camp or emulator?

For some time, it is possible to run Windows programs run on a Mac, but for this there are three fundamentally different approaches. What the advantages and disadvantages of a dual-boot system, a virtual machine or a Windows&# 8221; Emulator&# 8221; are, we want to bring you closer in this guide.

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If you are just switched returned from a regular Windows computer to an iMac or MacBook, it may be that there are one or the other program may not for Apple's OS X operating system. But many a sworn Apple users look &# 8211; terms such as the native support of PC games &# 8211; still a little jealous about the Windows camp across. Although here is more and more movement to notice when her but not drum comes around, you can also use Windows programs on the Mac using different methods.

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Windows programs on Mac thanks to Bootcamp

Since then, Apple PowerPC architecture has turned his back and x86 Intel CPUs installed in its computers, the gateway for Microsoft's competing OS was actually open. With the initial release of Boot Camp, Apple in 2006 then allows to make a dual-boot system from his Mac, which also allows not only the company's own operating system, the Redmond.

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The big advantage over virtual machines and Windows-compatible runtime environments (often mistakenly &Emulators; # 8220&# 8221; period) is the compatibility and direct hardware access. So all Windows programs can run without loss of speed or the like on the iMac or MacBook. A disadvantage compared to a conventional Windows PC there is not so.

The disadvantage of a dual-boot system is equally not be dismissed out of hand: The operating systems can only be operated alternately. Thus, you can watch the programs that run only on OS X, start from the Windows interface and vice versa. In addition, you need a dual-boot system, of course, a Windows license.

Windows as a virtual machine on Mac

A more flexible solution offering virtual machines (also called hypervisor) that you can set up a virtual Windows, Linux or another operating system. The big advantage here: you can start the secondary OS and its programs directly from the OS X interface and use.

Parallels desktop-12-windows-macWith Parallels Desktop you can easily run Windows in the window of OS X. // Source:

so if you want to use a particular Windows program, you do not need an extra break everything on OS X / secure, restart and boot Windows. With hypervisors such as VirtualBox or Parallels Desktop Windows you can simply run in a window, and use the operating system and the installed Windows programs depending on your taste.

Since in most virtual machines but also the hardware is only virtual and therefore most will be held on the shoulders of the processor complex 3D applications, games and similar sophisticated software are often not run properly on the virtual machines. In addition, you need of course here a genuine Windows license for the virtual desktop environment.

Windows&# 8221; Emulator&# 8221; for Mac

wine-logoThe familiar Windows-compatible runtime environment WINE is not only known Linux users: The Forks WineBottler (formerly Darwine) and CrossOver can also click on OS X Windows function calls in X11 and Darwin &# 8220; translated&# 8221; are making Windows-based programs will run natively quasi-even in Apple's operating system.

The biggest advantage of such a Windows runtime environments is that it does not require Windows license or operating system must in the first place give space on the hard disk. Especially older programs can thus be operated almost equivalent to OS X and can be started directly from the Apple OS after a single adjustment of the settings.

The big crux: The compatibility. Especially newer programs that rely largely on .NET or Direct3D, work only or are even incompatible. In addition, the initial setup for many programs due to the settings for lay people is not suitable.

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