Fortnite – Battle Royale: 5 Simple Tips for the royal victory

In the battle for the relatively young genre &# 8220; Battle Royale&# 8221; now wants to get involved Fortnite. Up to 100 players go from a flying party bus and fight each other in the next few minutes, until only one survived. Heard already about the first death in Fortnite: Battle Royale, you should take a look at our tips below

Still, the new Battle Royale mode of Fortnite is free and, of course, so that attracts a large player base. Within the first day, one million people played in the new mode. The emphasis here is on &# 8220; re&# 8221 ;, as the mode is not really matured 100 percent. In addition, the new mode of Fortnite under a suffering rough amount of cheaters, to be gradually banned.

but we refrain from, we have a solid game in front of us that the first of its kind on the consoles. For this reason, we have Fortnite: Battle Royale, of course, once viewed. These are our first steps in the new mode:4220Fortnite: We have alluded to the Battle Royale mode - and love it!

Tip 1: The inventory is your friend and helper

Pushes her on the PC tab and on the PS4, the touchpad button, you come into inventory. Here you can set and view especially a lot. Collect their weapons and other items one, you can bottom left Change the order by dragging and dropping. In addition, you can see in the top left once all the objects in your backpack. Remains their cursor over them, you can see more information to it. Here you can also store items.

Do you play in a duo, you can over your backpack ammo split and drop, so that your team member may contact the objects.

Tip 2: Use your surroundings and look around properly

Some objects in the environment in Fortnite: Battle Royale can help you to compete against other players. So you can, for example, jump on tires. They are a kind trampoline and carry you high. Do you want reduce fall damage, should jump on their car roofs &# 8211; if that is possible. And speaking of cars. Reduces these and other valuable items to get more materials. You need them to build. While building the new mode does not matter so much as in PvE, but a few materials should you still have in your backpack. But be careful: If you einschlagt to objects, you are extremely loud and be discovered faster!

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Do you want to heal you or use a Potion, you should definitely do that in a protected area. you find yourself in the middle of a meadow, walls built around you, or at least in a U shape. always see to it that you have a wall in the back and watched all the time forward if an enemy approaches. Run her to a building that already has slopes or walls, which were built by another player, you should approach you gently. Chances are high that even an enemy is here.

The chest was already open when we arrived here. Is there anyone else here?The chest was already open when we arrived here. Is there anyone else here?

Tip 3: Listen right back

Sneaks not an opponent, you hear the play Fortnite. Battle Royale best with headphones and see you for ever. If you lootet or healed by your partner, you should still keep moving and ech getting a little back and forth. Next steps by other players but you also hear now and then a shimmer or sparkle. This means that you a near golden chest are. In it are rare weapons medikits and traps.

Is a chest over you in a house and you destroy the ground beneath her, disappears the box without ye can loot. Maybe that is still patched&# 8230; So you've got to clear a path to the chest.

Tip 4: Build only in an emergency

As in PvE mode you protect the structures built from the first second of the placement. This means that while the construction of animation is still in full swing, the wall is already built but practical. Experienced players make only walls etc. ago, when they are in immediate danger. Scans her a house, you do not need ramps. Moves ye but over a wide area and in the middle someone shoots at you, you should run in the walls on the side build from the get the shots.

That you can build everything in Fortnite:

Start Photogallery(13 images)Fortnite: Sun is expanding its doors, windows, walls and half Co.

you find yourself within the protection zone, you can build you a turret. Builds for a ramp and around a protective wall. The slope is here that you get a view from above. Imagine then on the inclined wall, jumps and builds at the same time a second oblique wall to move upwards. But do not forget, the bevels to case with high walls so that you are protected. Always keep these tactics but the storm in the eye.

Do you want your building again with a Cases provided, you can these &# 8211; as in normal mode &# 8211; but not crafting. You can find them only in chests.

a player holed up behind a tree or a self-built structure, it takes usually only one grenade, to destroy this object. At best, you killed the enemy and even collected some materials to build.

Tip 5: Jumps from not at the beginning and not in the city

In other Battle Royale Games is the same: Some players jump from the beginning of the flight in order to have the opportunity to quickly come to good loot. Experience has shown us that while these players have great weapons, but are also fast dead. for the Probability is high that the protection zone on the different side of the map is. But since there are no vehicles in Fortnites Battle Royale mode, you have to then sprint for a while to reach the zone.

Mark you, the individual places on the map.Mark you, the individual places on the map.

Do not jump directly to the cities. If you can not avoid it, lands on a roof. Here also weapons can be and you are on an elevated position. but rather trying to land at the edge of a city. So can the others who have landed in the village, ever defeat, while you seek you good weapons. Do not you know which places are good bounce? Then try this:

  • Loot Lake: At the lake there are at least three gold chests. However, one of them is on a boat on the lake. In the water you are slower. Remember that! here is no other player can tap their good loot and are centrally located for quick access to the protection zone.
  • Anarchy Acres: This place is situated in the north of the map. Here there is a great chance to get good weapons and healing items. Since this point but already almost at the end of the card, it can happen to you that some well-equipped players already waiting here for you.

If the protective zone is less, should you avoid to enter buildings are more and more. Alternatively, you should be more careful here, because you will definitely encounter players who have already made here comfortably. so be careful and still is to tactically. However, in a duo or 4 team that is easier.


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