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In Mass Effect: Andromeda you have a wide choice of weapons. This can you in the game world and find enemies, buy in stores or produce the required materials and a blueprint itself. We tell you at this point, as you can build the best weapons you. It is especially important to reduce the weight and increase the damage output.

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The complex system of Research and development in Mass Effect: Andromeda allows you to build weapons and with various mods adjust according to your wishes. The make weapons Therefore, you should not ignore it, because you so you build the best weapons can and makes the enemies in RPG short shrift. We show you how the best weapon for each category craftet.

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Updated on April 6, 2017! We have recommendations for the best sniper rifle, the best assault rifle and the best melee weapon added in the article below.

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establish best shotgun

First, we want to tell you how Making Andromeda: the best shotgun in Mass Effect can. First is for the Research and Development Station on the Nexus or the Tempest. at Character level 25 and 30 switched her new here Blueprints for Helios Technology free. Attacks here on the Weapons of warp Technolgie and selects the Dhan Shotgun out. For the Tier IV variant you are level 20 and for animal V Level 30 required.

Important NOTE! Weapons should you never sell, rather always disassemble (Quadrangle or X button in inventory). In this way, it is best to the rare materials for the production.

What is special about the Dhan shotguns that they do not use up as other Shotguns multiple projectiles with scattering, but a single powerful light projectile. It is similar to a projectile a crossbow and very effective, both in melee and at medium distances. With one or two aimed shots you done so most enemies in the game.

In animal IV or Tier V variant, the Dhan Shotgun caused loose 1,000 damage with every shot, and it is also relatively light in weight, as the following screenshot shows.

mass-effect-Andromeda dhan-shotgunThe Dhan shotgun is one of the best weapons in the game. (Source: PC Gamer)

To you the Dhan Shotgun produce, need the following materials:

  • 30x warp alloy
  • 28x shed fibers
  • 60x nickel
  • 10x vanadium

All materials can you find in stores or in the game world. Did you much Mining operated, made side missions or by Companion App &# 8220; Apex HQ&# 8221; regularly use team missions completed, you should the required materials already own. Just vanadium is comparatively rare, which is why you should check with each vendor to determine whether he has this material in stock.

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Improvements and mods for the best shotgun

Improvements and mods make your weapons in the game only really powerful. You can with every weapon two improvements and depending on the weapon mount a different number of mods. We recommend that you necessarily initially Double-Mod extension at the Grocer on the Nexus to buy. For 2,400 credits gets her improvement that allows you, two additional mods to install on your weapon.

mass-effect-Andromeda double-mod-EnhancementsThe double-Mod extension may not be missing at the best weapon.

The second improvement you should choose one that your damage increased. However, you can also choose a different, depending on what your favored style of play. Do you want to experiment, stores the game before starting and tries out various improvements.

thanks to the Double-Mod extension can you now then up to four mods attach it to your Dhan Shotgun. Depending on how far have you progressed in the game, you will certainly have seen many mods. Mods can you share anytime, so experiment until you have found for you the best. Other mods you also get the dealers on the Nexus. The following mods should use their essential:

  • On Gun barrel of the shotgun is essential because as the damage is increased. In ordinary mods you have indeed a Loss in precision accept, but this falls in the Dhan-Schotflinte not a major factor.
  • A mod that your Penetration increases, should attach paper at least, as their so at armored foes depending Mod up to 50% more damage wreaks.
  • A mod that your reload speed increases is also useful because the Dhan Shotgun only two shots per magazine can grasp. By Mod alike this disadvantage somewhat.

Otherwise, you can experiment and match them to your way of playing even with the mods. Do not forget this is that also your Skills influence the effectiveness of your weapons. So you can about points in the Biotic skills &Assault; # 8220&# 8221; assigned to at rank 5 one 15% bonus on firearms damage to obtain.

The best sniper rifle: Isharay

In our opinion best sniper rifle in Mass Effect: Andromeda is the Isharay. This sniper rifle can you in Techiix on the planet Voeld to buy. Here you come in the course of the mission &# 8220; meet with the family&# 8221; automatically over and can at the dealer in the system of the Angara Isharay for 2,130 credits to buy.

Mass Effect ™: Andromeda_20170325002538The best sniper rifle in Mass Effect &# 8211; Andromeda: The Isharay

However, this is not the only way to the Isharay to get. We have, for example, during the Loyalty mission for Jaal found in a box. When you Isharay following things should note:

  • The damage caused by a shot is very high. In the Tier IV version he is 764 and can be up by Mod 900 increase. thus headshots or shots weaknesses of enemies usually end directly with the first shot fatally.
  • however, a disadvantage is the rate of fire and the Size of the magazine, for you must reload with every shot.
  • As mods we you the PG: Run III recommend that the Sniper rifle damage increased by + 12%. In addition, a mod offers that the Weight of the weapon reduced.

Alternative to Isharay: Of the vanquisher is also a very good sniper rifle. The rate of fire is also low in this weapon, but you allow four shots per magazine more room for misses. The Tier V variant caused damage of 417. The Vanquisher is also 10% lighter than the Isharay.

The best assault rifle: Revenant

For starters, and the first few hours in Mass Effect: Andromeda is the M-B Avenger the perfect assault rifle. Only later, after her Quests on Kadara have done, you can then also in our opinion best assault rifle find in the game. Then you can namely the Revenant go and gets the appropriate plan.

  • The Revenant is a Milky weapon with moderate damage values ​​that should you improve on appropriate mods. Of the Harm the animal-V version is 54 and you can take your enemies perfectly under fire with this assault rifle.
  • the sehr high rate of fire from 620 on animal V the Revenant can be almost like a Mixture of assault rifle and MP appear. Accordingly high are also Shots (75) and maximum ammunition carried along (400)
  • We prefer the Milky weapons against the Kettwaffen because they are not such a long charging time possess such as plasma guns. Here, the Revenant does clearly better in fast firefights.
  • The relatively bad Präzion the balance Revenant, you should mod SG: Scope use. For even more damage, we also have the Mod SG: Run assembled.
Mass Effect ™: Andromeda_20170405200612The best assault rifle in Mass Effect &# 8211; Andromeda: The Revenant

The best melee weapon: Krogan Hammer

Alone guiding the krogan hammer will you a sense of power in Mass Effect: give Andromeda. These best melee weapon has gain a huge impact and you can them very early in the game.

  • The Tier V variant causing the hammer Krogan 613 damage. only the Asari Sword since reasonably keep up, which also is a very good melee weapon.
  • In order to improve the damage of Krogan hammer, do not help carry their respective armor and armor like other firearms mods should instead that you Bonuses to melee damage give. Well, as for example, the Hypergardian, the you +40% to combat damage gives.
  • When using the hammer you should your shoot enemies first, so they can be damaging neatly with a sharp blow from the jump.
Mass Effect ™: Andromeda_20170405200642The best melee weapon in Mass Effect &# 8211; Andromeda: The Kroganische Hammer

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