Which SIM card requires the Galaxy S6, S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3? (Samsung)

You want to buy you a new Samsung Galaxy S4 or an older S3 or have the right to select the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 as your new smartphone and want to continue using an existing contract should know her before, which SIM card, the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones need.

Which SIM card requires the Galaxy S6, S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3? (Samsung)

Do you use an older smartphone or an iPhone, nano-SIM cards, you can know the Samsung Galaxy S6, S4, S5 or S3 requires saving which SIM card, time. Has her an inappropriate SIM card, your wireless service provider must be contacted again to provide you a matching card. In general, this SIM card exchange is free, nevertheless loses her valuable time that can not be used with the new Galaxy her.

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SIM cards in comparison: Micro, Mini, Nano, all formats

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Which SIM card format for the Galaxy S6, S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5? (Samsung)

Currently, there are three common SIM card sizes that are used in current smartphones space.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 is SIM card to the Micro.
  • Also the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 will need a micro SIM card.
  • For the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge you need a nano-SIM card.
  • This is the smallest currently available SIM card form.

Which SIM card requires the Galaxy S6, S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3? (Samsung)Many manufacturers send to applying for a new mobile contract a normal SIM card that can be easily converted into a micro-SIM card, however. The card is perforated in the appropriate places and can therefore easily be broken in order to make the normal SIM card, a micro-SIM or Nano SIM card.

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Which SIM card will need the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 (mini)?

while the &# 8220; normal&# 8221; set models of the Galaxy series on the Micro-SIM format, a normal SIM card must be used with the Galaxy S3 Mini. The Galaxy S4 Mini uses a micro-SIM card.

Here again, the quick overview which SIM cards, the Samsung Galaxy smartphones will need:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3: Micro SIM card
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: normal / standard SIM card
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: Micro SIM card
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: Micro SIM card
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: Micro SIM card
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: Nano-SIM card
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: Nano-SIM card

Do you want the Insert SIM Card, the unit switches off first. then take the case cover on the back gently. Then removes the battery from the inlet and sets the micro-SIM card with the golden board down into the device. The "broken" corner of the SIM card is facing the upper left. Used here is the opening right above the battery and does not confuse the slot for inserting the SIM card with the microSD card slot.

Pushes the SIM card into the Samsung Galaxy S6, S4 or S5 until the mechanism clicks into place and seat the card. Pay attention also agreed with what SIM card your device is compatible. Have you purchased the product at a German or European dealers, even European SIM card in the device work. Similarly, a German SIM card in a purchased outside Europe S6, S5 or S4 not work.

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