Google change in German – here’s how

If you display the Google services in another language, such as English, learn it in this guide on how their Google can switch to German.

Google change in German - is so's gemacht

Normally, Google users will be Google's services appear in the German speaking in German. If you Google search and other offers from the search engine giant but once appear in a different language, such as English, it is quite easy to switch the language back to German. Google automatically detects in most cases that is based on the IP address whether a computer is accessed to on Google's services, located in Germany. displayed with the word "German" is provided with a link to the German Google home page: under the box for entering search terms in the case of an automatic detection "German Google Offered in". Click on this to get to the German edition of the Google home page and use the Google services in German to be able to.Google on-German-change-1

Google change to German - Another way

If above solution does not attack, there is another possibility that Google switch to German conduct.

  1. Give this, first a search term in the input field in the middle of the Google homepage and click on "Search".
  2. Once you display the search results that you see in the upper right corner of the search results page a button with a gear icon. Click on this.

Google on-German-switch-2

  1. Now opens in which you select the item "Languages" a drop-down menu.

Google on-German-switch-3

  1. Selects here the radio button next to "German" from.

Google on-German-change-4

  1. Click on the "Save" button and confirms the change in German with "OK".

Google on-German-change-5

Now the Google products are available in any case again in German.

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