Michael Jackson lives 2016: spotted photographic evidence on the Net – What is it?

Michael Jackson lives &# 8211; a persistent rumor that also in 2016 &# 8211; So keep after his death more than 7 years. The Internet and social media regularly photographic evidence emerging that show that Michael Jackson is still alive &# 8211; perhaps even in Germany. Are we up eating all a huge mistake?

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On the web you read fictional death reports by prominent people such as Michael Schumacher, Thomas Müller and Arnold Schwarzenegger daily. Something rare is news that some people still Life would. This category includes the message also that Michael Jackson actually bored still among us.

Michael Jackson lives in 2016 &# 8211; Please what?

That these messages are not quite as common as the fictional death notices occur is actually easy to explain. People who are still alive, are very present in the public consciousness &# 8211; so far is there a lot of interest. In order for a person still providing attention to the real death, they must already have been very famous. In the case of global superstars Michael Jackson of course is true, is why even in 2016 even speculated that the former King of Pop not actually still lives somewhere in secret.

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Michael Jackson was clearly felt in various parts of the world &# 8220; sighted&# 8221 ;. Whether in America, on Bora-Bora or in the Australian outback: Fans of Michael Jackson have seen the pop star after his death in the most unlikely places. Even after Germany it is Michael Jackson who slyly. As the Stern report, a man from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern wants the King of Pop have seen in the morning at the bakery. &# 8220; I was only briefly bring bread, there stood at one time this man behind me, long black hair, sunglasses, hat down over his eyes.&# 8221; Long endured he has but probably not in the German province: &# 8220; He has ordered in English, because I was thin. But before I could react, he was already gone.&# 8221;

Some time ago, by the way, the ghost of Michael Jackson on Twitter spoke up:

The final proof that Michael Jackson is still alive in YouTube video &# 8211; the day of his funeral, he was interviewed by CNN:

Michael Jackson lives: photographic evidence on the net &# 8211; What is it?

In social media and on Facebook, of course, also appear at regular intervals on photographic evidence that will show that Michael Jackson still alive. A popular conspiracy theory holds that the photos of the dead Michael Jackson was faking in the coffin. In reality, it states that it is the singer James Brown &# 8211; the head of Michael Jackson was then transported by Photoshop on his face to disguise the fact that this did not constitute to Jacko.

For this photo -

Michael Jackson Fake

was then &# 8211; the theory &# 8211; this picture:

Michael Jackson James Brown

Who could be responsible for this fraud, it is of course also speculated strong. Here come the names of the usual suspects: the Mossad, the CIA, the Bilderbergers, possibly aliens who have returned Jacko on his home planet. Finally, he had his life always something &# 8220; extraterrestrial&# 8221; per se. Interestingly, can be derived in a conspiracy even from the name of Michael Jackson notes. Take the following case:




Ackson is





Just a coincidence? nonsense &# 8211; Here is a true-conspiracy! When dealing only long enough with the case, will in any case the many strange irregularities:

  • The health check, the Michael Jackson had to do shortly before his death and he insisted: Sure, he was in top shape.
  • His personal physician Conrad Murray, who was nowhere to be found on the Thursday before Jackson's death: inaugurated in the conspiracy and busy to get him out of the country.
  • The fact that Michael Jackson was always appear in public with masks his children and you got to see until after the funeral faces: Doppelganger &# 8211; the real children live long again with Michael Jackson together.

Reasons for a staged death there were also enough: His heyday was Michael Jackson the end of the 2000s are long behind it, the image was bad, this came oppressive debt of about $ 500 million. With the many Michael Jackson Doubles it was also not difficult faking death. do you need one in this unique facts real Proof?

bec1aa46d00588782c138083cbf6111dMichael Jackson at his best early 80s. Many fans will remember him as remembered.

Which it is so fast probably not give &# 8211; but if you are completely honest, this is also not desirable: Michael Jackson was already a living legend &# 8211; and a legend of this format can not just die like that. There is the notion that Jacko is still alive and does with Elvis, 2Pac, Lady Di and John F. Kennedy a good time, but much more pleasant. We wish him him his well-deserved retirement all the best&# 8230;

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