MC: Meaning of the abbreviation

In this day and age, it is essential in almost all areas of life that are working with abbreviations. A symbol, which is found mainly in the hip-hop field, but also among rockers, "MC" is. Even with names can be found again and again as the prefix "Mc". What does this MC?

It must first be said that "MC" can have several meanings, depending on the application. Below you will find the few explanations for the most important occurrences of MC.

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MC: importance in hip-hop in horoscopes, name and motorcycles

  • Do you read the "MC" before the name of an artist, is meant here by the "Master of Ceremonies". DC clogging the term with a "rapper" or someone who provides a great atmosphere and recites his rhymes.
  • Especially in Scotland, "Mc" is or "Mac" as part of the surname. The prefix means "son of". DC Mean herewith is the suffix "-son" in Scandinavian names.
  • Since the gigantic rise of the restaurant chain "McDonalds" the abbreviation "Mc" is often used for promotional purposes. So there is a "MacDöner" or takeaways with a similar sounding names in every major city.
  • Even with horoscopes should be read in conjunction with the zodiac signs often "MC". Here, "MC" ( "Midheaven") refers to the Midheaven, the highest position of the sun throughout the day. In astrological sense MC refers here to the goal of life and fate of a person. In some views, the Midheaven is headed for the personality.
rapper-shutterstock_231990010Rappers are often called &# 8220; MC&# 8221; s called.


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Meaning and definition of "MC"

Ever since the biker series "Sons of Anarchy" the abbreviation "MC" is also closely linked with motorcycle groups. Here the symbol hidden in "SAMCRO", the "Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original ". In addition, "MC" is used in other biker groups in the series to display a "motorcycle club".

motorcycle-club-shutterstock_138953810On &# 8220; MC&# 8221; (Motorcycle club) go.

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