Huawei P9 & amp; P9 lite: Which SIM card do you need?

If their interest in P9, the latest flagship of Huawei, have but do not know, is one which SIM card into the device, we will help you at this point on. Also for the P9-middle-class variant Huawei P9 Lite we tell you which SIM card you need.

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to switch to a new smartphone is always a bit exciting. After all, one imagines so that everything goes a little better with the new device. Faster processors, better camera, longer battery life and so on. Really stupid it is, however, if you noticed after unpacking that you have the wrong SIM card or do not know exactly where this purely heard. If you on the Huawei P9 are switched or you the Huawei P9 Lite want to buy, we say to you here on what you have to pay in relation to the SIM card.

Huawei P9 in hands-on with GIGA Android

57539Huawei P9 in the Hands-On

Huawei P9: This SIM card do you need

If you want to use the Huawei P9, you need to complete commissioning necessarily a nano-SIM. The nano-SIM is the smallest SIM card, which are currently and currently perhaps the most common. If your old phone so already had a nano-SIM, you need nothing to be done and can just change. Is your current device but a little older, it might be that you only one new SIM card in your mobile phone provider must apply.

Our test for Huawei P9 can be found here: Huawei P9 in the test

  • Your mobile service provider changes your Mini- or micro-SIM willingly against a Nano SIM out.
  • but you have to, depending on the contractor to pay between 5-25 euros.
  • Using our craft instructions for cutting a SIM can you also try to trim itself to you the SIM card. To do this you need only a little patience and a sharp pair of scissors. Okay, and some skill.
For Huawei P9 you need a nano-SIM card.

Gallery Huawei P9 Lite

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Huawei P9 lite: Nano SIM for the win

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If you want to reach for the lite version instead of P9 prefer, you can do that of course. The two models are not only similar in terms of design, but also need the same type of SIM card. So: Also for the Huawei P9 lite you need a Nano SIM. If you lay out value that your smartphone has a dual-SIM functionality, you'd better pick up the P9 lite. Both the P9 as well as its big brother, the P9 Plus, do not offer this functionality.


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