Ballers Season 3: Start date, Posters & amp; the first information about the new season

Series nowadays have the characteristic of being seldom durable. No sooner are the rates too low, they should be discontinued. Luckily enough have US viewers in &# 8220; Ballers&# 8221; Season 2 turned on so that the sender has chosen to extend the sports comedy with The Rock to a squadron of the 3rd Now there is also a start date for the third season of Ballers &# 8211; at least in the United States.

Ballers Season 3: Start date, Posters & amp; the first information about the new seasonSource: HBO

In the summer of 2016, the second season ran on Sky Atlantic. Until the start of the third season so we are still supplied with the excesses of former and current football players in Miami in Florida. Also on board in Season 3 will be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Andy Garcia again. In the US, it starts in a few weeks. The start for the first episode of the third season of Ballers was announced for 23 July.

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HBO Announces Extension known: "Ballers" Season 3 will come

Following the broadcast of the first two episodes of the HBO hit sports series "Ballers" Season 2 US transmitter sends the series equal to the extension and confirmed the production of Season 3. Fans of the series can therefore be more exciting episodes of the football series pleased with "the rock" in the lead role. Unlike in the first two seasons is no longer rotated in Florida, but in California. Reflecting higher taxes in the sunny state of the United States. However, the scene of the series remains, even the adventures of the third Ballers season so playing in Miami. Now is also clear when the new episodes will start on HBO: The start date for the third season of Ballers is 23 July.

For the third season a cult actor was announced: Steve Guttenberg, known as Carey Mahoney of the Police Academy series, will interpret alongside Dway Johnson a real estate shark. Meanwhile, a first posters appeared that the anticipation is to heat up to the new Ballers Season:

Overall, HBO has ordered 10 new episodes. The first season of the sports comedy was so successful that HBO else could be appointed as a second and third season does not. Although the series is not among the favorites of the critics. The audience would still continue to see the show. Much of the series is reminiscent of the HBO hit Entourage &# 8211; no wonder, is responsible for production in both series Mark Wahlberg.

BREAKING: Shooting alert. After just two episodes into our SEASON 2 of #Ballers, @HBO has ordered SEASON 3! Congratulations to our hardworking cast, crew, producers and our show&# 39; s creator Stephen Levinson. Thank you to our home network HBO (Plepler, Bloy & brilliant team) for the commitment & long term vision of our show. To all our BALLER FANS out there - THANK YOU! Millions of you tune in every week to join us on this crazy journey of chasin&# 39; greatness and dealin&# 39; with life&# 39; s pain ... and the greatest compliment we always hear from you is did we&# 39; re real and authentic. Means the world considering how close this character is to my bones. Now that you know there&# 39; s gonna be a Season 3 .. you&# 39; ll be watchin&# 39; this season with a different eye. Enjoy and have fun with it and above all else ... ball so hard. #Ballers SUNDAY NIGHTS 10pm on @HBO @sevenbucksprod

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When the new episodes are coming to Germany?

The last two seasons were the end of June or the end of July to the start, the new ten episodes will be realized this summer. More specifically, it is in the first episode on July 23. On the same day HBO also shows the premiere of Game-of-Thrones Season-seventh Both the first and the second season of Ballers was broadcast in German only five months later in the fall. Also in the third season, fans of the dramedy series must therefore probably gedilden up in the cold season, before proceeding with new events around Spencer Strasmore and his crew.

In Germany, Sky has the broadcast rights to "Ballers". Currently, new episodes in the original English ran a few days later at Sky. We assume that "Ballers" Season 3 will start next summer. Certainly Sky Atlantic will continue to take the parallel broadcasting. Thus the German public has to wait long for a new series feed.


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