Rainbow Six – Victories: All Achievements and Trophies – Tips and guide to 100%

The global fight against terror goes with Rainbow Six: Siege in the next round and can attack you with the best strike forces from around the world houses. Here you can also unlock a lot of achievements among other things, monitor your progress accordingly. We give you tips and a guide to all the successes and trophies in the game.

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After many years of break appears Rainbow Six: Siege A new offshoot for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. What you are allowed to expect from the game, you can read in our preview. In the following guide, we show you all achievements and trophies Overview and we you they can unlock.

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Rainbow Six &# 8211; Wins: all achievements and trophies Overview

Overall, you can in the game 48 Achievements (49 Trophies Unlock on PS4). There are the most valuable achievements for reaching the highest level of sharing and playing of each individual operator. In the following table you can all the achievements with their values ​​and activation conditions members.

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret achievements and trophies in a separate table below.
symbol success Gamerscore trophy 
victory-meisterSiege Master-platinum
Obtain all the trophies.
forwardForwardgamer core-5bronze
Switches an attack-free operator.
better safe than sorryBetter safe than sorrygamer core-5bronze
Switches a defense operator free.
favorites-playerFavorite playergamer core 10bronze
Switches all operator freely in a counter-terrorist.
the Complete line-upThe complete line-upgamer core 50silver
Turns all operator-free.
all-rounderall-roundergamer core 50gold
Plays the multiplayer or terrorist hunt mode (Locker / rank) than any single operator.
bis-year-to-topTo the very topgamer core 75gold
Achieved rating level 50th
spendthriftspendthriftgamer core 50silver
Unlock 50 weapons essays.
fashion weekFashion weekgamer core 20silver
Applies weapons designs at 30 weapons.
terror-painTerror paingamer core 50silver
Completes 20 Terrorist Hunt missions.
brain surgeonbrain surgeongamer core 20silver
Achieved 150 headshots in Terrorist Hunt missions.
in the stormIn the stormgamer core 20silver
Includes a Terrorist Hunt mission from in under 2 minutes.
Meister1mastergamer core 50silver
Includes a Terrorist Hunt mission on Hard "REALISTIC" from.
fully-blindedtotally blindedgamer core 10bronze
Eliminated in multiplayer mode (loose / rank) 10 of a stun grenade blinded enemies.
woodworkerWoodworkersgamer core 20bronze
Placed in multiplayer mode (loose / rank) 5 barricades as a defender.
melee basesMelee basicsgamer core 15bronze
Includes the situation "melee basics".
suburban evacuationsuburban evacuationgamer core 15bronze
Includes the situation "suburban evacuation" from.
senior-targetedpriority goalgamer core 15bronze
Includes the situation "High-level target" from.
plane attackplane attackgamer core 15bronze
Includes the situation "aircraft attack" from.
bull's-eyebull's-eyegamer core 15bronze
Includes the situation "hit" from.
personal securitypersonal securitygamer core 15bronze
Includes the situation "people protection".
cell-neuralsierenneutralize cellgamer core 15bronze
 Includes "neutralize cell" from the situation.
no-infono informationgamer core 20bronze
Includes the situation "No" beginning.
defense-improviseimprovise defensegamerscore-25bronze
Includes the situation "improvise defense" from.
hard-mountedheavily fortifiedgamerscore-25bronze
Includes the situation "heavy Attached" from.
perfectionistperfectionistgamer core 50silver
Collect all STARS situations.
master and commander-Master and Commandergamerscore-25silver
Earned 3 STARS in a situation.
Item 5Article 5gamer core 50silver
Complete the mission "Article 5" from.
determinedDeterminedgamer core 10bronze
Win a multiplayer (Locker / rank) 50 times a round.
high-rankinghigh-rankinggamer core 10bronze
Get in multiplayer mode with rank one skill rank.
terrorist hunterterrorist huntergamer core-5bronze
Eliminated 2,500 terrorists in Terrorist Hunt.
steadfaststeadfastgamer core 10bronze
Closes in Terrorist Hunt 100 times successfully any Defense Game Mode.
by powerfulStrong Punch&# 8230;gamer core 10bronze
Eliminated in Terrorist Hunt 200 terrorists with bullet penetration through walls.
weapons brotherlybrothers in armsgamer core 10bronze
Activated in multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt (Locker / rank) violated 10 times teammates again.
In Rainbow Six: Siege it depends on teamwork.In Rainbow Six: Siege it depends on teamwork.

Secret Achievements and trophies

symbol success Gamerscore trophy 
developerdevelopergamer core 10bronze
Adjusts a weapon.
sammler2collectorgamer core 10bronze
Collects and saves 5,000 reputation.
death-of-up1death from abovegamer core 15bronze
By Brecht in multiplayer / Terrorist Hunt mode (loose / rank) in the "house" one floor or one ceiling.
space-daMake way!gamer core 15bronze
Penetrates by rappelling breakthrough in Multiplayer / Terrorist Hunt (Locker / rank) in "consulate" one.
fortressfortressgamer core 15bronze
Enhanced multiplayer / Terrorist Hunt (Locker / rank) in the "Bank" two destructible walls.
air-force-oneAir Force Onegamer core 15bronze
Defended in "Airplane" the meeting room in the multiplayer / Terrorist Hunt (Locker / rank).
who-dares-esWho dares?gamer core 20silver
Win a multiplayer mode (loose / rank) a "TDM - hostage" -Match in "Hereford".
under-gentlemenunder Gentlemengamer core 20silver
Win a multiplayer mode (loose / rank) a "TDM - Save area" -Match in "clubhouse".
blind-ambitionblind ambitiongamer core 20bronze
Destroyed in multiplayer mode (loose / rank) 5 drones.
blown awayblown awaygamer core 20bronze
Eliminated in multiplayer mode (loose / rank) an opponent with an explosive charge.
KawummKawumm!gamer core 10bronze
Destroyed in the multiplayer mode (loose / rank) is a reinforced wall with the thermite charge.
non-tangledTangle!gamer core 15bronze
Eliminated in multiplayer mode (loose / rank) an attacker in barbed wire.
false-connectedwrong numbergamer core 10bronze
Eliminated in multiplayer mode (loose / rank) 10 enemies with Nitro phones.
that was fastThat was fast!gamer core 10bronze
Found in multiplayer mode (loose / rank) the target in "TDM - secure area" in 20 seconds.
a thoughtA thoughtgamer core-5bronze
Win a multiplayer match with 1 ranking without losing a round.

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