What’s Wusa.exe? How to turn off?

Under certain circumstances, you stumble in the Windows Task Manager on the File Wusa.exe. But what is that? And you can turn it off? We clarify.

What's Wusa.exe?

  • The Wusa.exe file is part of the Windows update installer from the operating systems Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista, Windows Server 2008 (R2) and Windows Server 2012 Design.
  • The Wusa.exe file is in the Windows directory C: \ Windows \ System32
  • You can open the folder by her the keys Windows + R suppressed, % Windir% \ System32 eingebt and enter approved.
Wusa.exe located in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32.Wusa.exe located in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32.

When you open Microsoft MSU files, the Windows update installer will start to install the updates that are included in the file. The contents of the MSU file to this previously unpacked into a temporary folder.

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disable wusa.exe?

  • Unless the Wusa.exe file running in the background or in the Task Manager, Windows currently installed presumably updates.
  • Therefore you should not stop the process.

If the file is not in the C: however \ Windows \ System32, it may be a virus that disguises itself as Wusa.exe. In the case you should start the AdwCleaner and then the best yet Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Both programs look for adware and malware and remove it reliable.

If Windows Update is damaged, Wusa.exe may be permanently active may. then looking at the solution: Windows 7 does not look for updates or eternal (Fix).

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