iPhone stolen: What now? Places, & amp lock; Secure data

Was an iPhone stolen, there is not only a financial loss. Usually you have to loss of important data, such as the photo collection, complain. To avoid that the personal contents fall into the wrong finger after a theft, you should make provisions. Sometimes there is even hope that device recover should an iPhone have been stolen once.

Learn her what you can do when the iPhone is gone, how to save his data and how you can also locate the device with happiness again.

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stolen iPhone: So you can find the phone (with luck) and save the data

Whether you do not again find the device or theft should always be reported to the police. Although the chance that the police finds your phone, not too large. If the device that is registered on your name, but are found at a crime scene after a crime, you do not explain unnecessarily you. The display is also necessary for the regulation of theft at an insurance company.

  • For the display you need the IMEI number of the iPhone. The IMEI can be over the phone app with the symbol "* # 06 '" choice.
  • In addition, you should give them the SIM card number and an invoice.

iPhone stolen: What now? Places, & amp lock; Secure data

To keep the damage to a minimum, you should prevent. One of the first steps after receipt of the new iPhone should be to enable the "Find My iPhone" feature. The feature is found on the Settings app, see "iCloud".

  • Once this function is activated, you can locate the device remotely.
  • Calls on the appropriate website of the iCloud.
    For iPhone via iCloud*
  • Log in you and selects the iPhone that you want to find after a theft. Click here to "Lost".
  • "Find My iPhone" about the function of the location of the device via GPS and amendments can be tracked. However, you should not do it alone on the way to make a potential thief, after all, you do not know who or what to expect. Here is recommended rather a transition to the police.
  • "Find My iPhone" about the function can you lock the device or issue a callback number included message. an honest finder may have your iOS device in his hand. The iPhone is connected to the Internet, your message is displayed on the iPhone screen.
  • To prevent private photos or documents are read from the device, you can delete the data on the iPhone from a distance. After this step, but it can also no location longer be carried out.

iPhone stolen: What now? Places, & amp lock; Secure data

Is the activation lock is on, the established Apple ID along with password must be entered in order to use the iPhone again. For a potential thief, the device is therefore unusable. Also, the lock works when iPhone is not connected to the internet and even when it is off.

stolen iPhone? prevent data theft

To avoid that thieves make calls at your expense or surf the web, in addition, the wireless service provider must be contacted in order to block the SIM card. Also, we should be all passwords that are registered on the iPhone changed - such as Facebook, eBay or Amazon.

To avoid that your data is lost, you should also set up an automatic backup in advance. The backup function can be enabled on the iPhone as follows:

  1. "Settings"
  2. "ICloud"
  3. "Storage & backup "
  4. enable "iCloud Backup."

iPhone stolen: What now? Places, & amp lock; Secure data

The positioning and backup functions via the iCloud are also suitable for screening a iPod or iPad theft.

If you want to keep at least the financial loss after the theft under, one should draw a mobile insurance into consideration. Many insurers cover both damage to the mobile phone as the theft or robbery of an iPhone. Upon completion of insurance you should read the corresponding terms for theft protection, offered Friendsurance the theft is covered as in "premium rate" *iPhone stolen: What now? Places, & amp lock; Secure data.

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If the device was damaged by the theft of the screen, you will find at GIGA FIXXOO right display repair kits for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Co

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