Playmobil: find spare parts online – supplies for firefighters, farm and Co.

Playmobil is one of the most popular addition to LEGO play sets in local children and hobby rooms. Unlike LEGO sets the Playmobil models offer not so many free design options though, but there are also some items for assembling. If you're planning an important part is lost, you can order more online their Playmobil spare parts.

Playmobil: find spare parts online - supplies for firefighters, farm and Co.

The additional components can * be requested directly from the manufacturer online, so you'll get it here to do with the reliable quality and not with any cheap trailing replicas.


Here you can reorder Playmobil spare parts

On the official Playmobil website who offers you the online spare parts service the Nachbestellungsmöglichkeit from various categories, including:

  • Country
  • Sports & Action
  • City Life
  • dollhouse
  • Knight
  • Western film
  • And much more.

Playmobil-reorderHave you selected a category, various models are displayed. By clicking on the appropriate model image you get in the overview of the individual and small parts can be reordered. At the same time, the respective price is quoted on the website with. Of course, several different Playmobil spare parts can be ordered. In addition to the direct costs, postage and handling charges are added on it to order again. These depend on the value of the selected Spare Parts:

  • to 1.50 EUR Value: 1.50 EUR
  • to 5.00 EUR Value: 2.50 EUR
  • to 25.00 euros Value: 3.50 EUR
  • from 25,01 EUR Value: 5.50 EUR

In addition to spare parts and new Playmobil products from the range can be added to the basket in the same order.

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Playmobil: order spare parts online - supplies for firefighters, farm and Co.

If the desired spare part in the online overview of the spare parts can not be found, you can make a separate request. Keep this 8-stelige part number ready to be found in the respective assembly instructions for the Playmobil set. Who wants to save, is * whole collections of Playmobil residual and parts on eBay. In these cases remains can find one or another important item, but you're here depends on the luck of the mixture.

Online form for ordering*

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