Pokemon sun and moon: Festival Plaza – All about Festival medals and ranks

Pokémon sun and moon offers you a completely new feature to the Festival Plaza. This is as it were a meeting place for the players so that they contact each other or can deliver exciting online battles. How this works, what Festival coins are and what the Festival Plaza can offer you in Pokémon sun and moon, we show you on this page.

At the festival plaza of Pokémon sun and moon you can own you Festival coins earn and Festival tickets receive. It is also possible, Link battles With other coaches and friends discharge or even to deny some missions with them. Already the top four defeats? Then put the Festival Plaza full of opportunities and we show you what to expect.

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Pokémon sun and moon: Festival Plaza and all functions

One of the most interesting features of the festival Plazas is the online function in which you can make unlimited many other players. The number of players at the Festival Plaza is in fact not tied to your Buddy List. Just go to the avatars of other players and interact with them. You can even take them to activities, so that you Festival coins wins.

Pokemon sun and moon festival plazaAt the festival plaza you can every day missions and adventures to experience.

The other coaches can you at any time to a challenge duel or with you act. A big advantage of the Festival Plaza, that you can always travel from anywhere in the Alola Islands to him. Opens the menu and then selects the Plaza. However, you have to advance in the game the Pokémon Center in Hauholi City have entered. When you arrive at the festival plaza, you will of Captain Chrys welcomes, which gives you a small introduction to all aspects of the new mode in Pokémon sun and moon. He specializes in electric Pokémon and vocational ago inventor. If you take an exam with him, get her Z-crystal Voltium Z. One of the important items for the Z-attacks.

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Festival get coins and Festival Tickets

The Festival Coins their services in the shops of the festival plazas can avail and ascend to the next rank.

  • Festival get coins: Completed Missions, trade accounts or interacts with guests. Furthermore, you can Festival fans hand over a few coins.
Pokemon sun and moon festival plazaThis lady presents you the Festival Tickets in Pokémon sun and moon.
  • get Festival ticket: Looking for a woman with a turquoise dress. She hands you every day three festival tickets, what you need for the missions. additional tickets gets, when you in rank rises or occasionally when their visits a business.

Bonuses and rank rises

Captain Chrys explains you in your first visit basic information about the Festival Plaza. This includes the rank rises, which you rewards in the form of Items Festival coins, festival tickets and upgrades contribute. Furthermore you will have access to additional activities and offers in the shops. Following rewards get her for the individual ranks:

4Missions are unlocked.
8thYou can take advantage of other players new business.
10You can order clothes from other players if you do not already own.
20You can give a name to the Festival Plaza.
30You will receive more services in stores.
50You can change the appearance of the castle.
60Unlocks a new pattern for the castle: Fairytale theme.
70Turns a new pattern for the lock-free:.
100the special &# 8220; I reached Festival Plaza Rank 100!&# 8221; Greetings. Turns greetings free.

Festival Plaza: booths, rewards attractions!

At the festival plaza can you different booths set up and to experience. The booths can achieve a higher rank and thus you better items offer and increase their range. Based on star the respective Bude learn it, what level they have. It goes from one star to five stars. There are also in Pokémon sun and moon also a great diversity in individual stalls. We list you on the various possibilities.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Festival PlazaAt the booths at the festival plaza her countless improvements can get.


As the name suggests, you can go to Losbuden lots. However, chance determines your profit and not as in the ID Lottery. However, sometimes you have even the chance to take two lots. In addition, you will receive for each two star treasure Bude guarantee a Silberkronkorken. In our chart we show you all profits Losbuden:

placegold rushtreasure huntersThe big prize
1.Giant NuggetGoldkronkorkenMaster ball
SecondNuggetSilberkronkorkenspecial candy
ThirdAP TopAP TopAP Top
9thHyper healerHyper healerHyper healer
10thberry juiceberry juiceberry juice

horror booths

In the horror booths you your Pokémon can send and they will come back with at least one item. Before her it can do, however, you need Ten Festival coins. There are three different horror booths with different gains.

  • Bizarroraum: Granite, Hyper Potion, carbon, iron, Festival ticket, Pattern Pokébohne, heart scale, Top animators, Silberkronkorken and magic ash.
  • Nachtnebel: Hyperball, calcium, zinc, top elixir.
  • Spirit Cave: Hyper healer, protein, KP-Plus, AP-Plus.
Pokémon Sun and Moon Festival PlazaWithout Festival coins little goes on the Festival Plaza.

souvenir stalls

In the souvenir booths, everything revolves around the Festival coins. This can against her Pokéball sets exchange. These give you each 12 Pokéballs of varying quality. With the first three ranks you can buy you quite favorable Pokéball sets. After that you have to level 30 (After the game final) wait before you have access to all other possibilities. The set-K can you save you, however, because we can tell you a trick for free Premier balls. Which sets there are exactly, learn from our table:

stepPrice (Festival coins)Poké Ball SetKit Contents
Rank 112Poké Ball Set A12 Pokéballs at bargain prices.
rank 224Pokéball Set B12 Super balls at a bargain price.
rank 348Pokéball Set C12 Hyper balls at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 30 24Pokéball Set D12 dip balls at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 3024Pokéball set ENest 12 balls at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 3024Pokéball Set F12 re-balls at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 3024Pokéball set GTimer 12 balls at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 3024Pokéball Set H12 sinister balls at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 3024Pokéball Set I12Heilbälle at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 3024Pokéball set J12 Flott balls at a bargain price.
Plaza ranking 3024Pokéball set K12 Prmierbälle at bargain prices.

Other booths at the Festival Plaza

There is four additional booths at the Festival Plaza in Pokémon sun and moon, which bring their own unique advantages. In any case, you should a Amount Festival coins bring, as they almost always provide access to the various functions of the stalls. Besides the aforementioned booths, you also expect Färbebuden, food stalls, balloon stalls and booths oracle. The respective functions of the booths can see from her our list:

  • Oracle booths: Here you can once a day an activity get recommended, for which a fee of 10 Festival coins pending. These activities at the Festival Plaza promise you then better luck in the actions. In addition, you learn each day even a saying for the Festival Plaza them.
  • takeaways: Here to upload your Pokémon with various restaurants and food supply. This increase then either the level or the affection of your Pokémon.
  • Färbebuden: Here you can white fashion items can be dyed with festival coins or berries.
  • Balloon Turn booths: If you here Festival coins eintauscht, you can get a raise of the underlying assets of a Pokémon.

Communication feature and profile functions.

You own your own Festival Plaza profile. Over the purple icon in your menu bar, you can always change the settings (such as greetings). They help you among other things going to get in touch with other players. In the menu bar you have in addition a yellow icon, which is a Guest list displays with all trainers who are just visiting at the Festival Plaza. there you can your register friends as VIP, so you may be able find quickly. However, be NPC also&# 8217; s displayed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival PlazaThese are two of the communication options on the Festival Plaza.

Battles and missions at the Festival Plaza

There are four of Fromen Link battles and you have to deal with them yourself, that you all communication features can be used. The different modes are:

  • Instant Link: Local battle mode.
  • Link Battle: Fights on the Festival Plaza (Local / Online).
  • Free Fight: A free fight in the online mode.
  • Valued fight: A valued fight in online mode.

The different struggles have sometimes limitations in combat conditions. Only Single and double battles are allowed in all modes. There is also the Battle Royal, which you can compete at the festival plaza or Link-fighting and Fighting. However, some Pokémon are here not allowed. therefore respects before a fight, whether your team is allowed.

missions can you from rank 4 contest while doing different tasks. These include correct answers to a quiz or the catching of certain Pokémon. Depending on power get her a different number Festival coins. Do you want even organize a mission, you have to pay a festival ticket. These are either locally or online, so you may be able also to play with friends.

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