Quiz duel Cheat: Hack for all the answers

Quiz duel has developed within a short time at a high flyer in the Google Play Store. Jens can play while not abgewinnen too much, but more than 58,000 largely positive reviews speak for themselves. Who wants to cheat you with difficult questions and does not want to lose the upper hand in the duel against others can access a quiz duel cheat.

Quiz duel Cheat: Hack for all the answers

Even when the app graphically not yield too much, the game belongs beside Flappy Bird to the apps that currently bring to a smoldering smartphones and tablets of all kinds. The simple, to the TV quiz show &# 8220; Millionaire&# 8221; ajar gameplay attracts a large number of users daily. Getting into the game is easy, after all, only one category must be here before the rate round will be selected to answer the questions there questions on the touch screen.

The app was not found in the store.

With all the questions it can happen, however, that you do not know what to do. In order not to go with three red columns from the question and answer session, one can verwendent a quiz duel cheat. With this trick you can get to all of the correct answers in quiz duel. However, the cheat works only on Android devices. iOS users still need to rely on their wits and honest games and can perform only gejailbreakten devices a quiz duel cheat. Ahead is to say that the use of the quiz duel Although no consequences of playful, or technical side bears tricks with it. However, their corrupt you so the fun and have to take several steps for you to be able to apply the quiz duel trick. As a loophole is exploited here is that the guessing game works fine even in offline mode.

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Quiz duel Cheat: All questions answered correctly

Are you going to answer a question and comes across an insurmountable for you puzzles ye set your smartphone first in the air, or sleep mode, so that the Internet connection is disconnected. Airplane mode can you at Samsung Galaxy S3 for. B. from the menu that you can draw on the home screen by hand grip of the upper screen bar. Alternatively, you can watch the On / Off button for a moment hold and enable offline mode your device.

android-flight mode-s3

Whether the Internet connection is actually disabled, you can see in the upper right of the Android smartphones. Here no bars or the like may be visible. A wireless connection may not be active. At this point of the game you are allowed not made any entries or selected answers for the three questions in the game. When switched Internet connection you can now play in a calm and answer the questions. Mark you the correct answers and finished the quiz duel. not of course the game itself Opens here to the Application Manager app - in the task manager, you should also delete all quiz duel existing data.. mini on the Galaxy S4 you reach them via the &Settings; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Here you will look for the quiz duel app and selects &# 8220; Delete Data&# 8221 ;. With this selection, you will not delete important data and not the game itself, but only the currently active Score with the selected one of you answers. Quiz duel

Quiz duel Cheat: Hack brings you all the answers

Now you can the offline or flight mode again in the same way end as you have activated it. now starts her the quiz duel again with activated Internet connection and opens the question and answer session that you of in advance Quiz duel cheats you can go through once already in offline mode. Now you can access the already received answers and so cheat you through the question and answer session. Of the Quiz duel Cheat works with both of the free, and with the Premioum variant of the app. As already mentioned, the quiz duel hack currently works only on Android devices and not in the iPhone version of the quiz game.

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However, you should be careful when using the tricks that your opposite can also access it. Whether one also does not have the same game actually using tricks and cheating, each self is left. Moreover, applying the quiz duel cheats is quite cumbersome and requires multiple steps in which you would have two or three more rounds certainly can play. Of course you can also simply and without gimmicks at your local call the whole thing. Is the first question appears, you simply have to be quick and tipsters can the answer on Google and Co. explore. in all rounds of questions there but plays along the time, you should here for a quick quiz duel solution looking for, so as not to give the point.

android application manager-screenshotSo you reach the Android application manager to perform the quiz duel Cheat

The quiz duel cheat for correct answers &# 8211; step by step

  1. Start the quiz duel
  2. start Q & A session
  3. activate resting, or airplane mode in the smartphone and then disconnect from the Internet
  4. answer questions and record correct answers
  5. exit App
  6. In Task Manager, all quiz duel delete data
  7. disable Airplane mode
  8. Restart game
  9. Q & A session starts anew
  10. Select the right answers
quiz duel-screenshot-cheat-1Quiz duel Cheat: delete data

In addition to the Cheat for the quiz duel can be found also at quiz duel solution all the answers to each question. Here you do not have to play around in the settings of your device, but can let you view all the answers in the browser by searching for certain terms. Also learn from us as you can your avatar to crown the quiz duel.

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