The best free apps for Android Birthday

Again forget a birthday? Did you the phone is not reminiscent of a wedding, a birthday party or another anniversary, can create their remedy. Free Birthday Apps for Android (but also iPhone) let you personal appointments easily plan and notify you via push notification. What can not use their head must use the&# 8230; Smartphone! We introduce you to the practical free Apps.

Many smart and popular birthday planners are indeed simple, but remember reliably to the glory days of family, friends and colleagues. Often they also have a countdown on board who will help you to plan a surprise party or simply to be prepared in time for the next birthday. For the forgetful among us another advantage: Unlike standard calendars such as Google Calendar push notifications popping up, which can not be so easily overlooked.

Birthdays - App: Free Birthday planner

As simple as its name: The app "Birthdays" offers standard features for your birthday organization.

Birthdays (Birthdays)downloadQR codeBirthdays (Birthdays)Developer: Open MePrice: Free

It also works without an active Internet connection and remember birthdays your phone book contacts on your smartphone. Next to each contact you will also find a countdown. Furthermore, age, zodiac sign are displayed (Western or Chinese). You can call directly from the app and congratulate or send a birthday greeting via SMS the birthday girl.

Also in the online version you can your app link to Facebook and import contacts.

  • Per: Provides an offline version, but the birthdays should be maintained in your own calendar
  • Contra: Banner ads, date entry since last update rather cumbersome
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Birthday Calendar for Android and iOS phones

These Free app for Android and iOS phones and tablets reminds you of anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.

Birthday CalendardownloadQR codeBirthday CalendarDeveloper: Social Sweethearts GmbH *Price: Free Birthday CalendardownloadQR codeBirthday CalendarDeveloper: Social Sweethearts GmbH *Price: Free

In the free full version of push notifications are also possible and to send SMS with birthday greetings also the option. Of course you can adjust and adapt to your preferences, the time for your reminder.

  • Per: There are unique names and the app is clearly understood emphasis on data protection
  • Contra: Only applies to created birthdays, no import of Facebook contacts, advertising can be annoying
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday

We have tested in the linked Artkel the best calendar apps for Android devices for you.

Birthday Calendar & Reminder - Birthdays

Have you simply too large a circle of friends and forget her too often, what you wanted to actually pay, is the free app "Birthday Calendar & Reminder - Birthdays "a reliable companion.

Geburtstagskalender & amp; Reminder - BirthdaysdownloadQR codeBirthday Calendar & Reminder - BirthdaysDeveloper: Team BirthdaysPrice: Free

You can collect throughout the year gift ideas, receive suggestions in the app and you can add notes. The gifts list suggests appropriate gifts for fitness fans, book lovers or amateur chefs. Here it indicates itself the price range. The great day came to congratulations leave directly from the app via Facebook posting, send WhatsApp message, text message or phone call.

The Birthday app syncs contacts from Facebook and from your smart phone phonebook. Here, too, you can forward the period for the respective memories of weddings, anniversaries and other events individually Set- by tapping the birthday you see next to the birth and the associated zodiac sign and age.

In the paid premium version currently 3.99 euros you get a backup function of events can excel files import and export and have more settings.

  • Per: In the widget you have the countdown to the next birthday directly in view, high-quality, beautiful design
  • Contra: Possible in the free Cersion no view of the previous day
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday

Missing you creativity, you will also find the best WhatsApp birthday greetings with us.


Do you want to download a smart birthday calendar free for your Android device, even "EboBirthday" a suitable accessory for you could be.

EboBirthdaydownloadQR codeEboBirthdayDeveloper: EboMikePrice: Free

Contact the app draws from Facebook and your smartphone address book, special occasions such as wedding anniversaries can you add itself in the app. Thanks to free plugin "EboBirthday Contact Sync" Also your Google contacts can be imported. Also from this app out wishes and congratulations can be sent via SMS, but you can also send an e-mail post. EboBirthday also provides you a widget that helps you to keep your next birthday on the screen.

  • The best free apps for Android Birthday
  • The best free apps for Android Birthday

The featured apps for chronic workaholics and people who are simply walking around too much in the mind, a false bottom. Have you ever forget an important birthday? Are you satisfied with your system or do you want to give the free Birthday apps a chance? Which is your favorite? Betray us in the comments.

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