Marketing Director commented on possible new version of PS4 Pro

PlayStations marketing chief, Jim Ryan, announced in an interview in the latest issue of "EDGE" magazine insight into Sony's future plans.

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So far it was the most players on consoles mainly to the longevity and the value for money of the system. However, current trends raise the question whether the two rivals Sony and Microsoft take your first step to a new trend with the more advanced versions PS4 and Xbox Pro One X? PlayStations marketing chief Jim Ryan conducted several interviews in Ramen E3 and one of them is contained in the latest edition of EDGE magazine. He talked about other possible updates to the console.

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The website has published an excerpt from the interview: "There is a cultural phenomenon that smartphones and tablets are regularly replaced by newer models and the thirteen-year period between the PS2 and PS3 will not repeat so sure. Nevertheless, a console is a very sensitive system in which much work is&# 8230; "said Ryan in an interview. The question of whether developments such as the PS4 Pro models are the future, he was largely open because Microsoft's Xbox One X has not yet appeared, and the comparison is important for future projects.

Basically, can be seen from the line that Sony waits, such as Microsoft's new project is sold. Possibly will only decide whether a further revised version of the PlayStation 4 comes on the market. few months ago reported on a new PlayStation project, which is to appear 2018th What they are doing, however, is still unclear.

Jim Ryans statement is certainly in stark contrast to what the Sony boss Shawn Layden said a few weeks ago in an interview to the next generation of consoles. According to Layden, the company rely on a PlayStation. 5

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and on, the console market is developing so it is essential for manufacturers to rethink the approaches. Whether we get new generations from Sony and Microsoft in the coming years or whether the current models still get a revised version, remains open for. Sony's contradictory statements of the last few weeks have led to speculation that the company itself does not know exactly what the future of the PlayStation will look like.

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