Victory sign: origin, meaning and pitfalls

Body language, facial expressions and gestures are as important for our understanding and meaning-supporting as the spoken word. Non-verbal communication we all - whether we like it or not. A gesture that is as current as old, is the victory sign. Read here what the sign where it comes from, what you can do wrong and how you can use digital keyboard there.

In this hand gesture, the fingers are held so that the index and middle finger form a V. Ring finger and little finger are fed, while the thumb is inserted through this. The palm of the hand faces the viewer. The V is symbolic of victory - English for victory.

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Where does the victory sign? - a search for clues

Victory signThe bloody origins of this world-famous character back (1337-1453) to the Hundred Years' War. In the struggles of England to the French throne, the archers were their best and most successful human weapon. They contributed significantly to the victory of the beginning of the Battle of Crécy, and the Battle of Agincourt - one of the greatest military victory of the English over the French - would not have been possible without them. As despair reaction, the Frenchman cut the English archers from captive middle and index fingers.

In contrast, the Englishman held by held out the opponent in battle beginning their intact finger. they expressed their confidence in victory. International importance and recognition in its positive significance gained the victory sign by the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Second World War, he used the gesture at public appearances as an expression of his victories assurance against the Nazis.

Note ambiguity of the character

Commonly known as victory sign and expression of hope and peace, the importance of the victory sign can also turn into its opposite and thus be an insult. Abroad - especially the UK - the victory sign with the side facing the viewer outside of the hand is synonymous with the German finger. In East Asian countries, the finger combination is, however, a popular gesture on photos and is designed to highlight a smile and support. So in Japan and Korea it means more joy and happiness.

How do I enter the victory sign by keyboard in Word or Facebook?

The input of the Victory-character keyboard is very easy: Hold down the left ALT key together with the C-key and give the number sequence 9996 in parallel a. We need only note that the key combination on Facebook does not work. In this case, the sign should be entered in a separate Word file, copy and then paste in the text on Facebook.

In this sense: ✌

Elsewhere you will also find information about Approximately characters.


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