Steam games on the PS4: Is this possible and how?

The idea sounds simple: You buy games on Steam and can simultaneously on the PlayStation 4 play. It would also be possible to bring indie games on the PS4, which are currently sorely lacking even on PlayStation Store. Whether Steam is possible on the PS4, we tell you in this guide.

Stardew Valley and limbo are just two of many examples of successful indie games, which you can buy via Steam and play on the PC. However, the computer does not always offer the advantage that you can sit on your couch and playing alone. For this reason, many PC gamers opt for a console. Has its both platforms, it would obviously be fantastic if you buy games on Steam and play on the PS4 could. We tell you in this Guide, whether and how it works.

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Steam games on the PS4? Hackers make it possible!

These hacker again. They scour the code of many programs and websites and find the weak spots. The whole thing is not always to the benefit of the community, but this one time they have made an exception. A programmer has found a flaw in the system of PS4 and could successfully play Steam games on the console. But how does it work?

So you let you display the FPS game on Steam

While the chance to play Steam games on the PS3, was vanishingly small, this possibility has moved with the PS4 back into focus. Sony namely decided with the next-gen console to a x86 processor to use, which is very close computers. In combination with a Jailbreak, the software failover Flow and Arch Linux has the modders OsirisX the almost unthinkable managed.Such is Steam On the PS4.Such is Steam On the PS4.

Browse on your PS4 through Steam

So your PlayStation is able to play Steam games. So the whole thing works for you, you need a PlayStation 4, which is earlier than version 1.76, to perform a jailbreak. The procedure to play on your PS4 games from Steam, is not exactly easy. You must first install Linux on the PlayStation to make it work.

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So it remains to be seen until a Workaround developed was that makes it easier for you. So the first hacker working on a jailbreak of the newer software PS4 (from 3.50). So it will soon be really possible to gamble your Steam games on the console. But what Sony says, remains open. Here you will find in any case the YouTube video from Ps4 Steam Hack:

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