Dead by Daylight Console: PS4 and Xbox version in detail

Often PS4 and Xbox One players have an advantage. The NextGen consoles are supplied with some good, exclusive games. When horror multiplayer Dead by Daylight is different. The indie hit appeared exclusively for the PC. Now, console gamers ask of course, whether the horror arena will also appear for other platforms. 

As PC gamers is the time of good title over, which will be exclusively created for the computer. So there seems to be only a few, special video games that we can enjoy on the PC without owning a console. With Dead by Daylight appeared a game that makes for envious looks the part of the PlayStation or Xbox owners towards PC gamers once again in a long time. On 23 June 2017 around a year after the release on the PC, the horror multiplayer title will also appear on the consoles.33276Dead by Daylight: Looking back to the first birthday of the game

Dead by Daylight in the special edition of the console

The asymmetrical horror game released on June 14, 2016 for the PC. With a long birthday weekend, which began on June 14, 2017 for PC gamers, the publication was indulged on the consoles. Because Dead by Daylight for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appears on 23 June 2017th There are no cross play between the various platforms. However, the developers want to work to ensure that the players can compete on the various platforms to today. Sony, however, does not tolerate even in this game &# 8211; so we assume that Dead by Daylight probably join soon Xbox and PC gamers becomes.

Dead by Daylight in the Special Edition Buy Now!*

Who wants Dead by Daylight play on the console, should the Special Edition access the game. These cost about 30 euros and for both NextGen consoles, for example, on Amazon, available. This is a physical copy of the game, which also comes with a few extras in terms of content. Thus, the Special Edition includes the following content:

  • DLC &# 8211; Of Flesh and Mud: The third chapter for dbD kidnapped you in the backwater swamp. With this, a new Survivor named Ace and a new Killer, The Hag are (The Witch).
  • DLC &# 8211; Spark of Madness: The fourth chapter contains a sick doctor administered electroshock treatments, a card called Léry Memorial Institute and a new survivor named Feng Min.
  • additional killer and Survivor outfits

dead-by-daylight-special-edition Dead by Daylight contains an online co-op multiplayer. So you can not play with a friend on a console. So considering that its a active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription needed. To what extent do you need such a subscription for the entire game, we do not know. We update this section as soon as we have more information for you.


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