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Microsoft's new browser for Windows 7 32-bit allows particularly fast Internet surfing.

With the Internet Explorer 9 download Microsoft wants to bring the best browser on the market and so make up for lost market share again. The new, final version of IE9 is now available for download.

5030Winload Internet Explorer 9 VideoOn the issue 9 of its own browser Microsoft relies on new technologies HTML5 and CSS3, whose implementation is noticeably out better browser than its predecessors. Furthermore, the Internet Explorer 9 can play videos in H.264 codec and music in MP3 and AAC format without the need for additional plug-ins or programs are needed. In addition, the browser in the field next to the HTML5 audio and video integration also supports the canvas element, the DOM Levels 2 and 3, web storage and geolocation. Support for WebGL, however, is missing in Internet Explorer. 9

Both when rendering HTML pages, as well as video playback of Internet Explorer 9 engages in hardware acceleration on the graphics card of the computer, which leads to increased performance and continue also to an extended battery life in notebooks.

IE9 now finally also supports the free vector graphics format SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) after it has long been the case with the other major browsers. Furthermore, the built-in JavaScript engine of the browser has been improved. This now supports multi-core CPUs and therefore significantly faster than it was in previous versions. While surfing the Web makes itself beyond anything noticeable: The new IE is also heavily involved in the operating system, which makes, for example, it felt that you can access Web sites from the Windows taskbar out. Also, the Internet Explorer 9 has an integrated download manager.

In addition, there have been some changes for the interface of the new Internet Explorer: The search box is now at the same time the URL field and thus takes up less space. Also in the Tabs layout of the Internet Explorer 9 saves space. So the actual website is given more space than was the case in previous versions of the Microsoft browser. This is primarily for users of small screens, as they are given about netbooks and tablet PCs, interesting. Furthermore 9 offers of Internet Explorer and the feature is that when you open a new tab, are listed in a table on this the most visited websites.

Internet Explorer

Also, the Internet Explorer 9 can download tracking pixel block requested by the customer and respects the preset by the user power settings of the computer. The latter is of particular interest to notebook users, as this will conserve on battery power the battery, which in turn increases its term.

The IE9 download is available (also in a 64-bit version) or in a version for Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 for Windows. 7 In addition, Internet Explorer 8 and DirectX 2D on the system must be in place before you can install the Internet Explorer ninth Unfortunately, users of Internet Explorer XP, however, can not install Internet Explorer download.

The Windows Internet Explorer has steadily improved since Webkonformität Internet Explorer 7, in particular the future Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 HTML5 and CSS3 even better support than the current Internet Explorer download.

By the way: More interesting facts are available in our series Tool Box: The main browser. Our tutorials show how to perform an Internet Explorer update, what to do if Internet Explorer stops working or how to uninstall Internet Explorer.

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