Android: create folders and move content

Similar to Windows can be created on the Android homescreen folder. In this folder shortcuts can be assigned to files in order to keep a shortcut to that content at hand.

Android: create folders and move content

In addition to apps, files, music, videos and more can be sorted into folders on Android.

So you can create folders in Android

If you want to create a folder on your Android home screen is as follows:

  1. Searches an empty spot on the home screen and hold your finger down on them.
  2. After a few seconds a new menu appears.
  3. In the menu, the choice "folder" finds "add items" under the section.
  4. Alternatively, you click on the button next to the Home button and select "Create Folder". So an empty folder on Android is created.
  5. In addition, you can press and hold on an app icon and slide it into another symbol to create a new folder the finger.
  6. Once selected, a name has yet to be awarded the folder.
  7. Now presses on a content on the home screen to move the shortcut to the folder.
  8. Presses on the folder and you will receive an overview of all apps that are in the folder.

android folder-create

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Android Delete folders and advanced features

If the Android folders are renamed at a later time, open the folder and click on the bottom of the label. the title for the folder can now be awarded. Are all symbols moved from the folder, the folder is automatically deleted.

55168ES File Explorer Android Video

Do you want advanced features for handling folders on Android, the use of the app ES File Explorer is recommended. This individual files can be moved on the Android memory to z. To move to bundle B. Lieder in a directory or an APK from the external memory to the internal memory Android.

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