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RTL2 watch a live stream is now on many TV streaming provider legally possible. What are the options for PC, tablet, smartphone & gives Co. and which are linked to cost it, we have summarized for you in this guide.

RTL2 live stream on Magine, TV movie, Zattoo & look Co.

On the TV streaming market who want to convince you with offers, special features and the widest possible variety of channels from its service more vendors, frolicking. Often you can use free of these services at least for the public broadcaster. However, those who RTL2 & want to see Co., has to change over to a pay package. These premium packages offer not only RTL2 course many other stations, but may differ slightly depending on the provider: Usually, but their (often in HD) will receive in addition to the public service broadcasters, the stations of the RTL Group and of ProSiebenSat.1.

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Who really just want to see the program of RTL2 or the RTL Group, may also TV NOW, which use their own Mediathek- and live streaming services to RTL. To view live streams, this is necessary, the paid TV NOW Plus subscription, which will cost you 2.99 euros a month. In the following table we have summarized the various vendors and their prices and other features so that you can gain an overview easier for you:

providersPackage (Price / month)transmitterOthers
  • TV NOW Plus (2.99 Euro)
  • All RTL Group
Library, pre-TV
magine TV*
  • Basic (10 Euro)
  • Premium (20 Euro)
  • 35+ transmitter (20 HD)
  • 65+ channels (30+ HD)
Pay-TV channels in the premium package, available as an app for Xbox One & PS4 available
live TV movie*
  • Premium (9.99 Euro)
  • 70+ transmitter (35 HD)
other packages bookable
  • Premium (9.99 Euro)
  • 50+ transmitter (35 HD)
other packages bookable, as an app for Xbox One & available 360
  • Comfort (4.99 Euro)
  • Perfect (14.99 Euro)
  • 65+ transmitter
  • 70+ transmitter (33 HD)
, Pause cloud Recorder broadcast
TV.de (Couchfunk)
  • (Pro TV9.99 Euro)
  • 50+ transmitter
some English & French channels

RTL2 Live Stream Free

Who wants to watch the live stream on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can now use the apps of various TV streaming provider. We have summarized these you see the following:

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Is there a free RTL2 live stream?

If you home television watched via satellite or DVB-T2, you are accustomed to see RTL2 free and who watches TV on cable, perhaps not exactly willing to fork out a second time. However, a legal free RTL2 stream does not yet exist currently. Since the various TV-streaming provider, however, often offer a free trial of their premium packages for 7 to 30 days and a month's notice, you can try the service as at least temporarily free of charge.

The ProSiebenSat.1 Media has meanwhile decided to buy an app with free streaming for Android and iOS devices each station. It is possible that RTL Group will follow this trend, but currently nothing is announced and who wishes to use a RTL2 live stream must continue to pay.

Services such as Beautiful television and similar sites, we strongly advise. As these sites operate in a legal gray area that could use sooner or later, and legal have consequences. But not only because of the problematic legal situation you should forego better to use such sites, including Trojans, viruses and other pests are often distributed across these platforms. That's why you should steer clear of such offers already in self-defense alone.

Source: RTL Group

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