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as a highlight of the action thrillers of the '90s - not only in critical circles is considered "professional Léon". published in 1993, Jean Reno was in the role of assassin Leon as emotional surrogate father for the then only 14-year-old Natalie Portman. Meanwhile, more than 20 years have passed after the appearance of the film. Part 2 looks - "the professional Léon" As part of the continuing wave of the recent past, the question of how it is with.

Last hardly a reasonably successful film of the 80s and 90s has been left out when it came to produce a sequel or a reboot. Currently, about the new edition of Baywatche in theaters.

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Leon - the professional 2: Portman would be doing

Exact plans for "Leon - The Professional" 2 does not exist, even when repeatedly emerged new rumors about a sequel. Natalie Portman signaled, therefore, that they would be open to a second part. However, it is linked to participate in a possible reaction to the condition that the director of the first part, Luc Besson, again directs.

"If Luc Besson would again be directing myself, I would predict within two seconds."

In fact, there were already 2,010 a script for a sequel with the working title "Mathilda". Luc Besson has hereby nothing to do, so that even Portman not dealt with the idea.

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No plans to a second part of Léon - The Professional

The question also is how to implement a second part. Space for Jean Reno as "Leon" did not exist because of the events at the end of the first part. So a sequel could continue the story of Mathilda Lando, the role of Natalie Portman. Her foster father Léon advised her in the first part to lead a decent life. It is conceivable that's Mathilda but strayed from that path and acts as assassin in the footsteps Léons.

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Since the expression of interest of Portman now seven years have passed. Director Luc Besson has since not commented on a new chapter in the history Mathilda. Stand 2017 fans have to therefore be satisfied with the first film, a second film Léon is not in prospect.