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Skyrim makes her all through Steam, it's get this straight. The workshop is also very comfortable in terms of installing mods. But what is it when you get yourself the mods of Skyrim Nexus? We tell you in our guide as you browsing the Mod Portal and nexusmods gets easily installed.

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install Skyrim mods with Nexus

What are mods?
As Mod refers to a mostly free modification of a game that adds either objects, NPCs or places the graphical interface or textures revised (overhaul) or directly affect the gameplay. For this, the mod must be installed and there distribute its meshes, textures and other files into a directory of the game. Mods are not forbidden to have anything to do with cheats or cracks and expand your gaming experience enormously. So why not modding?

Ye have so far only with the shared mods from Steam Workshop satisfied given, but want more, more and more mods? Maybe you have already stumbled once on the concept Skyrim Nexus on your search. It is a mud network, deliver the freelance Modder mods for the hottest games and offer them for download.

Since the mods offered here do not build on its own in your Skyrim folder, we have to help a little bit at this point. Below we explain how you can install Skyrim Nexus Mods so that they work in the port.

Install directly to Bilderstrecke nexusmods - frame by frame →

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install nexusmods but correct: Skyrim


install mods on the nexusmods Manager

  • Equips a visit
  • First of all, you will create a account
    • On the one hand some important features you may not otherwise use, on the other hand her the non-adult Images can not see otherwise;)
  • now invites you to NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) down download
  • Starts .exe
  • The first time the Mod Manager tool searches for all the games that you have installed it, for it mods are in Nexus to download
  • Set in the hook Skyrim
  • Goes back to and enter the file > Categoriesskyrim-nexus-mods-categories
  • now selects the more than 50 categories, what kind of mod you want to install
  • Have you found a mod that you want like to have, it opens
  • Select from among the data of the tab Mod Files and clicks (Download with Manager)
  • This opens the NMM and invites Rucki-Zucki the file down
  • To install the mod, you choose the left margin, the "Activate the selected Mod" option
  • Everything worked, you will receive a notification that the process has been successfully completed and before the mod is now a hook

You turn your mod installations have been completed, you can directly from the top menu "Launch Skyrim" go and start the game to test your changes. To get rid of a mod again, you choose in the manager simply the Delete or disable function and already the mod is gone.

Nexus Mod Manager Icon

Click here for the Nexus Mod Manager Download: download

install Skyrim Nexus Mods manually

  • Equips a visit
  • Enter the Files > Categories
  • now selects the more than 50 categories, what kind of mod you want to install
  • Have you found a mod that you want like to have, it opens
  • Select from among the data of the tab Mod Files and clicks (download manually)


  • Chooses a Mirror, want to download the mod from her (it is recommended a Mirror from London to take)
  • Save the .zip directory
  • Unzipped directory in your Skyrim folder (default: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ skyrim \ Data)
    • Will seek to ensure that no new subfolder is created in which the data is stored. The data must be decompressed directly into the data directory, so textures to textures, meshes to meshes and the .epm files directly to the root of the data directory
  • now activated after the launch of Skyrim option data files and sets the hook on the new Mod
    • Is the mod were not installed correctly, it also does not appear among data files

At this point, of course, redirects offer our best Skyrim mods that you can install it directly times with the new knowledge on a trial basis and should you general problems with the game have my Skyrim tips to leave the ladies.

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