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Windows 10 comes along in a new style. If you do not like, you can install and use also the theme Windows 7. We show how you can like Windows 10 Windows 7 make it look, including the Start menu.

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The modern design of Windows 10 is quite colorful therefore. but whom the appearance of Windows 7 liked it better, also the theme of Windows can install Windows 7 in the 10th so goes&# 8217; s.

Tip: You can also the classic design in Windows re-install 10: 10 Windows: use Classic design - how it works.

Windows 10: use theme and appearance of Windows 7 - Here&# 8217; s

Windows 10 looks like Windows of the 7thWindows 10 looks like Windows of the 7th

To use in Windows 10 the theme of Windows 7, makes her feature

  1. Because Microsoft Themes third-party blocked by default, you must first install this support. Invites to the free program UxStyle download and install the EXE file. Here, the background service Unsigned Themes is set up that allows the execution of third-party themes in Windows.
  2. Invite you the Windows 7 Theme from Deviantart website user &# 8220; sagorpirbd&# 8221; down.
  3. Unpacks the archive file and copies the contents of the subfolder Theme to C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes. In particular these are the two files Aero 7.theme, Basic 7.theme and Aero 7 folder.
  4. now opens the window fitting by her kicks with the right mouse button on a blank area of ​​the desktop, the Customize entry selects the left menu item selects designs and right click on the lettering style settings.
  5. Under the section Installed designs you can now find the two new themes Aero 7 and 7 Basic Selects one with the mouse, Windows 10 then takes over the theme and presents itself in Windows 7 look.
In the design selection of Windows 10, Windows 7 themes now emerging.In the design selection of Windows 10, Windows 7 themes now emerging.

By default, the background in Windows 7 Theme changes at specified intervals. If you want to set a fixed background image, you follow the instructions: Windows 10: Change background image - how it works. If you want it to take a picture on the background of Windows 7, you will find their locations on Windows 7 in the folder C: \ Windows \ Web \ Wallpaper. The default wallpaper of Windows 7 can you download you here, by clicking on it and it stores:

The default wallpaper Windows 7.The default wallpaper Windows 7.

How do you change the color of the taskbar and Start menu, you can find out here: Windows 10: Set up Start menu - how it works. but you can also bring back the old Windows Start menu. 7

Note: Under certain circumstances, display error of the theme can arise when a newer Windows 10 version is used. Checks in the case for updates to the tool UxStyle and the Windows 7 Theme are available.

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

use old Start menu Windows 7: Windows 10

The Windows 7 theme but does not change the Start menu in Windows 10th But even that can be changed in a few steps. Read this: Windows 10: Old Start Menu Windows 7 use - how it works.

What you should know about Windows 10 designs:

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