DHL Tracking: Tracking of packages

You've ordered something and waits eagerly that the package arrives? Or do you check if your mailed eBay items is actually reached the recipient? Then you can tracken the way of your package easily via the DHL shipment tracking.

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The prosecution will show you the path of a packet from the time of shipment to destination at the receiver. Here you learn how the package tracking works. If you order a lot and is rarely at home, can make its packages also deliver directly to their own DHL package box *DHL Tracking: Tracking of packages.

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DHL shipment tracking online and mobile

It is important to know that the shipment tracking only insured shipments is available. Here, the DHL tracking is available for both packages as well as letters to the appropriate service. When booking, the corresponding delivery you will receive a tracking number that you can perform online the DHL shipment tracking on the corresponding web site. This consists of a combination of 10 to 39 letters and numbers and can be found, among other things on the package label. the shipment number is also always noted on the delivery documents of the packing stations and branches or deposited at the respective Online Shop in the shipping confirmation of your goods.

  1. Opens the Web * online for the DHL shipment tracking.
  2. In the space provided you carry a consignment number DHL package or the writing.
  3. About "Find Now", the tracking request is started.
  4. In the next window you get an overview of the current status of the package.
  5. Note that the data usually once daily, usually in the evening, updated.

For international express shipments, DHL tracking the so-called Airway Bill takes place, which is a ten-digit tracking number. At national and international waybills Plates are ten to twenty to find digit shipment numbers on the license.

DHL tracking package tracking

Are you currently on the road and it can not bear to learn where your DHL PakeDHL Tracking: Tracking of packagest currently is, there is the DHL shipment tracking and mobile on the smartphone with the appropriate app for Android and iOS.

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As the DHL tracking works?

The aim of the DHL shipment tracking is to show which way has taken a delivery. Usually packages arrive within a few days after the dispatch order at the receiver. In some cases, there may be delays. In order to obtain as a buyer of an online product or sender of a packet the appropriate security on the whereabouts of the shipment, we recommend calling the DHL tracking.

shutterstock_271592615Is your package already on the way? The shipment tracking DHL provides information.

The follow well-lost packets can be retrieved. The DHL with tracking number is a way to check on which route the shipment is currently located. As a receiver you can assess also whether it is worthwhile to stay the next day at home to take an advertised package in reception. The tracking for packages and registered mail are available.

  • simply join the tracking number of your parcel or express consignment into the input field on the DHL website.
  • Click then on the red button or just press the &Enter; # 8220&, Button to start tracking; #. 8221
  • Finished!

Incidentally: Should more packets have sent and want to track their motion, so you can when DHL Tracking also search simultaneously for multiple broadcasts. For this you have to separate only the item numbers in the box comma, semicolon or a new line.

If the consignor the package submitted electronically, you can look out using the reference after the broadcast. Simply click on &# 8220; Advanced Search&# 8221 ;.

DHL Tracking does not work?

As with most online services, it may be the case with the DHL tracking that the tracking does not work. If this is the case for you, you should consider the following problems:

  • DHL Tracking: Tracking of packagesVerifies that the shipment number was entered correctly.
  • Checks if your Internet connection is working properly.
  • Especially at night and early morning, it may happen that the website of the DHL shipment tracking is currently serviced. In these cases, you should start the inquiry at a later time.
  • There may be a fault on the web site of DHL. If the tracking does not work, take a look at the web portal of allest√∂ Here, other users can report problems with the online service of DHL. Should there be regarding the tracking of parcels and registered at any given time in an increased number of error messages, try it again at a later date.
  • If there are permanent problems or the shipment number is not recognized, turn you to the DHL Hotline.
  • Even the official Twitter account of the DHL parcel service you can seek help quoting the tracking number.

DHL TrackingFor some time, there is the DHL Tracking and business customers, which can query the status of their shipments anytime, anywhere and call statistics on shipping. So you simply and conveniently retain complete control over the delivery status of your packages and Päkchen.

track packages and shipments with DHL

Should arise over the tracking that a packet is lost or not delivered by other reasons, an investigation request can be made at the post office by the sender. About the tracking number, it is then the logistics company your mission to locate again. The investigation request can download it on the DHL website and complete and return to the DHL service centers. For further questions or problems like, you should contact you to the DHL Hotline. We give you an answer to the question "When will my package?".

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