Outlast 2 in the test: Revelation of pain

The developers of horror shocker Outlast give birth you an even more sadistic tischeres Child of Darkness: Outlast 2, a nightmare that will sweeten your sleepless nights. But the game can keep this promise?

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1 And I saw, and the door opened, and a sea of ​​blood spilled over the lambs, of which I was one, until the blood was her coat and they shone in the shadow of the cross, on which I was nailed, they shone like an army of angels who then buried me and ate.

- Amen. Welcome, O children of sensual anxiety, sit down and listen to my story for horror Outlast March 2nd

Outlast 2_20170422114222Outlast is 2 the nightmare to which we have all been waiting for?

We all have eagerly been waiting for: Having taught a whole new kind of fear us the first Outlast title, we've licked the bloody finger after the next Fluctuating from hell. Then of course, Resident Evil came seven middle aufgeploppt and sweetened our wait, but now - yes, now it's done and Outlast two tears open his black mouth to devour us. But it can deliver what it has promised? Will there be brutal, more disgusting and crass, so we can not sleep for nights on end?

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was at the beginning of a cameraman

Blake Langermann crawling out of the shards of the helicopter and thick smoke filled his lungs and eyes before it beeps and he aims his camera at the wreck. Lynn, I have to find Lynn, he thinks, coughing blood, but his eyes behold no life - except for a light in the distance.

Outlast is the horror 2 game of the year?

In Outlast 2 is all about the cameraman Blake Langermann whose role I take to clear up with my wife Lynn a terrible murder in Arizona. The scene begins peacefully in the helicopter before the iron bird already crashed a few minutes after the game starts. Amid the wreckage I wake up, but my wife is gone and I'm on the arduous journey through dark forests, weathered villages and un-Christian churches to find them. What I soon know I am not alone.

Outlast 2_20170422164325The blackness of the night hides Gore at its finest.

I zoom with the camera as close as possible to the eviscerated, crucified body approach, because wow: Does this look disgusting! Outlast two hands me the all-round camera perfect Grusels; I can zoom wonderful, have an eerie green night vision and can look around jerkily touch of a button, so me all that can scare a violent terror behind my back. These allowed me the game, play my shots over and over again in the action menu. So 2 provides Outlast a wonderful transition between inventory / quest menu and game, even though the (slightly) annoying batteries picking will not fail. However, my advice: Do not be too thrifty, for Outlast two kicks even more if you delete the light.

Outlast 2_20170422181353No batteries: Carefully crawl along the wall - oh, what was that noise? &# 8211; turning back. Hide. Argh! And again the whole.

From the nice residents the forest

Blake Langermann sneaks panting through the tall grass; Sweat drips from his forehead, while the whisper of the villagers accompanied him that emit unchristian Psalms. You have his wife. And they will do to her unspeakable things he should not find it in time.

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Unspeakable things are done to me and I have to admit one thing: I've rarely been so much violence, so much sexual abuse and so many body fluids, parts and excretions seen in a game. Outlast 2 engages even deep in the ark of horror, bringing subjects such as religion, sex, incest, infanticide, bigotry, illness, sadism and and and - out to all join them in play on perverse way. I mean of course: Abartig good. However you should be trigger-free, if you want you embark on this journey completely.

You'll see two not only decapitated dolls of babies in Outlast.You'll see two not only decapitated dolls of babies in Outlast.

Shining in school

Sex, violence and disgust - is that everything Outlast 2 has to offer? Far from it, because of the horror in this shocker takes place on two levels, much to my personal pleasure: in addition to the bloody scene in the forest I am going through Shining-like fantasies in a school that give the horror in the game the finishing touch. However, what these visions mean, you should find out for yourself - only this: I have to finally admit that the portions were the best in the entire history.

For while the bloody roller coaster ride through the forest of Arizona has one or two perfect moment of shock, hiding in her one big drawback: it is damn frustrating.

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2 And I was born and saw how out of the pad came a glow of life, and I knew I had to take on the cross as the grave. So Outlast said, Let there be an army of NPCs chasing me with their psalms and lamps, and Outlast gave me the death screen, that he accompany me forever.

If you are not already rushed rushed to the store to satisfy your horror desire to be told you one thing: be careful, Outlast 2 does not make one to be despised errors - from level to level it throws you into maze-like maps, showered you whispering with super strong opponent NPCs and then with a smug smile, "I want to see suffering you."

The Big But

Blake Langermann crouching in tall grass again. He observed the villagers with their flashlights and waits. Blake Langermann appears again in the lake and observed their streaks through the water surface. Blake Langermann waits. Blake Langermann runs and dies.

If you anleuchtest me again, I freak out.If you anleuchtest me again, I freak out.

Suffering does not always fun. I can not tell you how many hours I'm disoriented crawled through corn fields, how many times I ran headlong and frustrated by all the groups on zombie followers, only to still find no way out and die. For death (it screen) plays a major role in Outlast second Perhaps I am also become careless with the time, but that is the sticking point of the horror shocker: The frustration has taken away my fear, though I wanted to tremble but so much.

At one point in the game, such discontent is aufgewallt in me that I have overlooked a sudden moment of shock. So I stared at the essence, alarmed that the game can still shock me and got only with a lag heart flutter. Strange!

Outlast 2_20170422114505I weep for your a wasted potential, Outlast second

Groundhog Day the hillbilly

. "Contributors" As in any main menu of a video game, a rider is also in Outlast 2 called If you have the leisure have to take the makers of the horror title under the microscope, so you notice quickly: Red Barrels is not a very large studio. In light of what has been created here, I feel almost bad to criticize the graphics - Outlast 2 is not a Resident Evil 7, it expects you not photorealistic environment and does the game still not spoil: It is more beautiful than the first part of this series and as long as you expect no graphical revolution will not disappoint you two Outlast.

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But what bothers are the recurring, same skins of enemy NPCs. I have already criticized how frustrating many a seemingly hopeless situation in Outlast may be second Worse, however, it is when you are constantly the same men are on their heels and you know by heart their faces after the tenth death screen. is there no trace of goose bumps.

Outlast 2_20170422111239A babbling hillbilly is suddenly in front of me &# 8211; Shock!Outlast 2_20170422111754Why you looking at me like you &# 8211; Wait. I do not know you?

The question is: is it worth Outlast 2 or outweighs the frustration that occurs inevitably in a long gaming session?


3 In the beginning created Outlast darkness and sorrow, and the screen was without form and void, and in the depth of squatting thousand faces, their eyes ruptured loved me. But Outlast looked and said, You, my child, shall still desire me, because my pain is your rebirth.

Instead rebirth I experience with Outlast 2 a rebirth of the horror genre, a disgusting Beautiful carnage that has often frustrated me to the core. And yet I am going to resign this test, Crouching me from my game console and immerse themselves again in this perverse dimension: Because I love Outlast 2 despite its errors, I enjoy the obscure horror and am fascinated by the story behind a backdrop of sex and violence even more terrible promises.


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