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The Steam download is indispensable for almost every PC gamer, as many games can only start once they have been activated via Steam. In which one or the other case it is necessary to uninstall Steam z. B. because of space on a hard drive is not enough, or the application may not function properly.

Steam can be like any other software, all with the click Windows Control Panel uninstall. To delete the application from the hard disk, you open the Windows Start menu, the Control Panel and select there "Uninstall a program". In the list that appears one seeks out the entry for Steam and backed by the removal of program going on.

Steam uninstall Control Panel
Through the Windows Control Panel to uninstall Steam can easily

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uninstall individual games from Steam

If you want to delete only individual Steam games, this is simply by using the Steam client itself. To do this, visit the section "Library" and seeks out the product to uninstall game from the list. With a right click you can now from the new menu that appears, select "Keep local data" choose. The game will be completely removed from the hard drive.

Steam uninstall game
Individual games can be deleted directly in Steam

If you delete Steam, one need have no concern that the games already purchased all suddenly disappear. The games remain connected to the steam account so that you have this after a new installation using the Steam account name again full access to the game library. Steam, however, once removed and will not be re-established on the hard drive, can be the appropriate not start games. Normally, these are not deleted but remain on the hard drive. So If one decides to set up a new steam again, you can start immediately with the existing games. Also the received Scores and settings remain.

uninstall Steam does not work?

Steam itself can not be removed as described above, this may prevent an even running Steam process. With the shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + Del" or right-click on the taskbar, you can reach the Task Manager. Here you can check whether any processes of Steam are active and closes them if necessary. Now you can re-enter the command to uninstall Steam.


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