Snapchat: Effects use with Android and iPhone

Snapchat is enjoying a growing popularity. Here you can share not only inanimate status messages in text form with friends, but tell funny stories through pictures. About the Snapchat filter the images can be provided with additional oomph. Recently, it is now possible to expand the arsenal of effects. We show you how to beautify her your pictures and use Snapchat effects can.

With the update in the autumn of 2015, the maker introduced the possibility to buy Snapchat effects. The Lenses store, however, was closed earlier this year. However, the app still offers plenty of opportunities to equip Snaps with effects &# 8211; and even free. The choice of available Snapchat effects changes daily. It is available every day new, different effects and animations for your snaps.

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Set Snapchat effects: How it works

With the effects of her witty gimmicks can add to your images. Thus, for leaves. B. conjure a rainbow from the mouth to create a zombie face or own head fat. So you get the effects on the snap:

  1. Opens Snapchat and selects the top right of the camera icon for the front camera.
  2. Aims the camera at your face.
  3. Not created a new photo, but presses on your face on the screen.
  4. After a short setup time to a list of effects that you can use it.
  5. The selection changes from day to day. In previous versions it was still possible to vary the range of available special effects for snaps by the system date of the smartphone was switched. However, this trick to retrieve disappeared Snapchat effects no longer works now.
  6. Additional effects on the image can be caused by it following the instructions on the screen. Attracts such. As your eyebrows or opens his mouth to make a rainbow beam appear or get vampire teeth.
  7. Furthermore, can create a video with effects.
  8. The image or video can be upload and send as usual as Snap.

If you do not work at the effects, ensures that the latest Snapchat update is installed. Read also with us, as you can send from your gallery with the Snapchat upload images.

Snapchat effects-buy-oneUntil recently possible before: to buy new Snapchat effects

Snapchat: Activate effects and use

So you can use the new Snapchat effects:

  1. Open the app on your Android phone or iPhone.
  2. Navigates from top to bottom until the gear smybol is visible on the top right.
  3. About "More options" to find the "Settings" option.
  4. Activates the "Filter" with a mop to the right.
  5. Now the new effects, animations and fonts can be used in the snaps.

Snapchat effects-1

If the effects are not available, ensures that Snapchat is installed in the latest version on the phone. In addition, the front camera must be enabled and your face to be visible on the screen. Thus effects can be selected, the camera must be vertical, are thus positioned with the long side facing up.

use effects in snaps and Snapchat videos

In addition, you can beautify your Snaps and provided with filters to making the picture as old-fashioned. Go therefor, as follows:

  1. Opens Snapchat and runs his finger from top to bottom.
  2. Via the gear icon to reach the app's settings.
  3. Here you search for the entry &# 8220; More options&# 8221 ;, where their option &Manage, 8220&# 8221; place.
  4. about &# 8220; filter&# 8221; can be additional options for Snaps find.
    Snapchat: Effects use with Android and iPhone
  5. now takes a picture by their presses the circle icon on the screen.
  6. Sweeps from right to left across the screen to bring the additional filters and effects to the photo.

With us you learn also how to collect trophies in Snapchat and what the smileys in Snapchat mean.

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Original article in December 2015 last updated on April 27, 2016

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