Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen: Tips and tricks for beginners in the Guide

After the RPG action adventure to Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen already has built up a huge fan base console, it now appears completely reworked as a PC version. So grab three vassals and get ready for the fight against the evil dragon.

In Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen you have many opportunities to venture you through Gransys and Finster Gram. Take different companion, called vassals, with that can help you and improve your equipment and your abilities. Who the role play in 2013 played on the console and it be revised as PC version has increased, should advance once the basic Tips and Tricks to Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen look at. Of course, this guide is also recommended for beginners into the action-packed adventure.

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Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma &# 8211; Dark Arisen: Beginner's guide to new and old fans

The rollplay Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen is very complex and is waiting with countless abilities, armor and attendants on. You begin first in Gransys and makes you here familiar with the game. Moreover, their first vassals and the gameplay gets to know. Have you then become more experienced, you can for her Finster Gram to travel.

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more Tips and Tricks to Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen for the PC, we have listed to you here:

  • The game world is indeed open, but you can only conditionally run to wherever you want. So there are prescribed ways in which you can move.
  • There is a change from Day and night. At the beginning you should rather the night avoid. At night the monsters are stronger than during the day.
  • Will you still be Darkness wander, you should definitely on your Lantern think that you strapped you to the belt. Step into her cave systems, a light source is required to see anything.
  • uses the map of the world and sets marks, if you will look at you a place in more detail later.
  • Reached a new you settlement, should you look around you exactly. You can talk with each character. If a person has a symbol over their heads, he has even a hint or a side quest for you.
  • Some people have after some time tasks for you, if you in the settlement returns. Back-tracking is worthwhile.
The goal in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen ist es, den Drachen zu besiegen, um euer Dorf zu beschützenThe goal in Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen is to defeat the dragon to protect your village
  • If you or a monster Opponents too heavy, returns and buys you a better armor and better weapons. Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen is generally slightly heavier than usual RPGs. So you have the weaknesses of enemies out to you to better defend against them.
  • Monster so can you with a ruse fight. Your character can hold, for example, of monsters, climb on them and attack their weaknesses.
  • Your vassals can not instruct her directly. They fight with the resources they have and after the class that was assigned to them. Improved their skills to suit your fighting style.
  • Have lost their vassals, you can at them Riftsteinen retrieve. These are broken, you can them with crystals repair again.
  • Can you find a Quest not found right away, remember that ye also Buildings pull can to reach roofs. Looks in the cellar of a house where the quest marker pointing to a dwelling.
Your Versallen help you in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, um die Kreaturen und Monster zu bekämpfenYour vassals help you in Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen, to fight the creatures and monsters

Tips and tricks for the island Finster Gram

The PC version of Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen includes the console DLC of 2013. Once you have so fought on Gransys, you can now to the island Finster Gram. Again, there are several things to consider:

  • Do you want to enter the island, you have to remember that the monsters are stronger here. It is recommended one to Level from 65 for you and your vassals.
  • You can at any time back to Gransys, to increase your level, for example.
  • Do you see anywhere bone lying around and it will dark around you, you can be sure you that a big monster is equal to stand before you. So get ready for a fight with a strong opponent.
  • Follows her in the side areas of the dungeon, should you empty bottles take. There now and then healing sources, of which can draw off their water to heal you later.
  • chests should always open your vassals. Often huge worms hide in and jump out after opening to you significant damage deducted. Fight them with fire or lightning attacks.
  • Check out the Surroundings Always carefully. Although it looks like as if a rock blocking the way, you can climb up more often and find treasures.


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