Who or what is behind tattoo free?

The Facebook page Tattoo free cleaves the German online community. Some they want to ban, while others agree makers. It comes to insults and applause. But what does that mean?

Who or what is behind tattoo free?

The page &Tattoo free; # 8220 &# 8211; It's nice not to have tattoos&# 8221; there is now since 23 February 2015. It currently has over 400,000 followers. Not all of them are really fans of the page. Many follow her to constantly re upset about alleged links between tattoos, poor education, violence and unemployment inclination. And as if the Hater confirm the prejudices they raced in the comments and personal messages regularly and threaten the operators in faulty German corporal to. What are these side and the branch on Instagram?

Why is there Tattoo free?

First of all, for those who have been looking for tattoo-free and came to this site to get the operator's fingers: Come back inside already! Just think of about your social skills and your problem-solving strategies! Tattoo free is a satire page... It is not serious and the operator, a young boy named Chris, is from the neck down almost completely tattooed.

tattoo free-laborTattoo free statement: Tattooed working? Ridiculous!

According to an interview he had the idea when he a page called &# 8220; Your tattoos make you a horrible mom&# 8221; found. Unlike many commentators there he realized very quickly that they were satire. He shared a post this page and unleashed a storm of protest. That gave him the idea, even as to open a page. What he has, incidentally, is threaded quite clever. First he created these contributions to then share his private side among his friends, who were expected to be outraged. He hoped to have someday 10,000 fans. After two years, he approaches the half a million.

Here are a few examples of the tattoo free-Memes

Gallery Tattoo free examples

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What statements can be found on tattoo free?

Essentially one finds on tattoo free images with wild claims and insults about tattoos. Example?

Sitting two Tattooed in the car. Who's Driving? The police...

Or Tätowierwilligen the drug is recommended Seikeinhurensohn 1000 farm ratio.

The opposite of tattooed are the way &Reinhäuter; # 8220&# 8220 ;. The lead a happy and responsible life according to the side tattoo free.

tattoo free-reinhaeuter

But the most interesting are the comments. While now many fans have realized that it is a satire site, there are always a few mental Tiefflieger that threaten the makers with ads or beatings and which obviously lacks the ability to laugh at himself. They react with insults and threats encountered by the admin of tattoo free with lots of humor, serenity and above all support from his fans.

tattoo free-strawberry milkA special theme for tattoo Free: strawberry milk goes on!

Who wants to support the maker, is on the side, among others Shop also links to T-shirts with pressing as &# 8220; Because pure skin pure skin&# 8221; and the long-running insider &# 8220; Erdbeermilch&# 8221; - guarantees made by untätowierten children working 48 hours a day for you. Incidentally tattoo free can also be found on Instagram.

All images with the permission of tattoo free Facebook page!

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