postponed start date of Season 3: Unreal Season 3

On Amazon Prime you see the consequences of the second season unreal in the stream since the summer 2016th Even before all the episodes of season two were available in Germany, the third season of the series was confirmed. However, while the one-year anniversary of the series approaching, fans get now some sad news: the producing stations confirmed that the third season of Unreal will not start before the 2018th

Already over a year ago, the transmitter has ordered new episodes to which one, however, will have to wait a few months. is scheduled to start the series in spring 2018th3000Unreal: Critics Rave Trailer Lifetime

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Even before the second season premiered on the transmitter, the series was renewed for a third season. In an interview with Variety co-author Sarah Getrude Shapiro had to realize that they had the end of the series already in the head as she offered Unreal:

&# 8220; When I sold the series, I had a kind of five-season arc in mind, in which each individual has a provision.&# 8221; However, she did not know whether she would really keep it. The creators Shapiro and Marti Noxon have but definitely a good chance that Lifetime still ordered a few seasons, because the series thrilled audiences and critics and has lost nothing with the second season of intensity and fascination, but on the contrary. In fact, the creators were able to soar in their work still to new heights and even dirtier, &# 8220; good television&# 8221; to produce.

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Unreal Season 3 &# 8211; a new season of "Everlasting"

The third season is still little known. Caitlin Fitzgerald should be the first candidate of the dating show in the upcoming season. The leading ladies Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby confirmed not particularly grieve the start of the new season next year. The previous Showrunnerin Carol Barbee will not work on the new episodes. Its place occupies the producer Stacy Rukeyser.

Currently you can see the second season on Amazon Prime *postponed start date of Season 3: Unreal Season 3 follow. So far, the series per season also has a new season of the fictional dating show &# 8220; Everlasting&# 8221; treated, most likely we will get it in the third season again with a new Bachelor and new candidates to do, or perhaps with a whole new reality show, start the Rachel or Quinn.

As we assume, is that no one will get bored even in the third season &# 8211; because what unites the makers of genuine reality shows and the makers of Unreal, is that they know how to keep the crowd at the bar or &# 8211; in severe cases &# 8211; is extremely addictive.

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So far, two season have been produced, each with ten episodes and the third season will get ten episodes again. The cycle of previous releases will not be met. So Contrary to initial assumptions, we can not expect in the summer of 2017 with the continuation of Unreal, but have to wait until spring 2018th


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